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Audiophile Music Player offers better audio for your iPad

The free Audiophile Music Player app for the iPad is an attractive and great-sounding way to improve iPad audio if you are connected to external speakers or headphones. Speakers can be the plug-in type, or connected via Bluetooth or AirPlay.

Like some of the other audio apps I’ve reviewed, most recently one for the iPhone for use with headphones, Audiophile processes music digitally and significantly enhances the sound, especially for smaller speakers and headphones.

Steve Jobs, a stickler for every detail

Steve Jobs details title tbd!

Steve Jobs was a stickler for details. From Jobs’ point of view, every detail, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, mattered.

While this shouldn’t strike anyone as being a monumental revelation, Jobs’ focus on the little details that other CEOs might gloss over, or perhaps delegate to a marketing department, was brought to the forefront during Apple’s recent e-book price fixing trial.

Philips expands iOS-controlled Hue line

Philips expands iOScontrolled Hue line
Still love it when the lights in your house flash a rainbow of colors every time you’re mentioned in a tweet? According to The Verge, Philips has announced two new additions to the Hue line of Internet-controlled lighting; the US$89.95 LightStrips and the $79.95 Bloom.

LightStrips are flexible, sticky-backed two-meter lengths of small LEDs made for accent lighting and things like frames. The Bloom (seen below, from the German Philips website) is a portable lamp that can be used to highlight an entire wall with its 120 lumen LED bulb. Both lights require the Philips Hue wireless bridge, which is part of the $199.95 starter kit available at Apple Stores and other retail locations. That kit includes the bridge and three controllable LED bulbs.

Philips expands iOScontrolled Hue line

TUAW on YouTube Geek Week: Southern Stars and SkyCube

By now we hope you’ve watched the first two YouTube Geek Week videos from TUAW — the Stupid WeMo Tricks. Now we’re going to something equally geeky, but much more impressive. In these two videos, TUAW editor-in-chief Victor Agreda Jr. talks with Southern Stars Founder and CEO Tim DeBenedictis not only about the company’s products — astronomy and telescope control apps — but a project that DeBenedictis is literally trying to get off the ground.

In this first video, you’ll see Southern Stars’ incredible SkySafari 3 Pro app (US$39.99) in action, not only giving you a view of what it would be like to be in orbit around Saturn, but also controlling a telescope using the company’s SkyFi Wireless Telescope Controller. You’ll also get an idea of how the company’s SkySafari Plus for Mac ($19.99) works.

Infographic Confirms What We Already Knew: We Love Gaming In The Bathroom

Enjoying video games was once something we actually had to factor into our lives. Sitting down in the lounge, firing up our consoles and switching on our televisions before sitting through cumbersome loading times before we could finally enjoy a bit of Tekken, Lemmings or Super Mario. But in today’s world of the App Store and Google Play, gaming can be done pretty much anywhere, and despite this new-found freedom to play at any moment, an infographic compiled by Talk Mobile reveals that we actually like to play in the bathroom.

In fact, nearly three quarters, or 73 percent of us play mobile games in the bathroom, while 62 percent like to play games in bed. Since many of us keep our smartphones and tablets at close proximity, this shouldn’t come as much as a surprise, but the sheer number of folks admitting to playing while on the John makes for interesting reading.

mobile gaming

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