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Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions updated, on sale for half price

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions arrived on iOS a little while ago, and it’s long been lauded as one of the best tactical strategy games out there. And there are two good reasons you should check it out right now if you haven’t yet. First and foremost, the game just got updated. There are now better graphics in the game than ever before, all meant for higher resolution Retina Displays. The update also adds improvements to the game’s animations, and iCloud integration has been improved as well. Square Enix says it’s not quite working correctly on the iPhone just yet, but it should soon, and the iPad works just fine.

You Don’t Know Jack maker Jellyvision becomes Jackbox Games

Jellyvision Games has been making variations of You Don’t Know Jack for a while now, which is of course the irreverant and very popular trivia game. The title originally began as a series of PC and Mac games, though of course Jellyvision has taken the series to consoles, and then more recently to Facebook and iOS. Now, after nearly twenty years of work, the company has decided to rebrand itself, and Jellyvision is going to become Jackbox Games.

If Apple vs. US goes to the Supreme Court

Forbes has an interesting take on on Apple vs. the U.S. Government in the current antitrust case that stems from deals Apple made as it entered the ebook business. Forbes speculates whether the case could head to the Supreme Court and how Apple might do in that venue.

Writer Roger Parloff believes this case is not a typical antitrust case saying, “Far from being a dominant player in the book industry, Apple was a new entrant. Far from instigating the scheme, it was-even on the government’s view of the evidence-an opportunistic late-comer who exploited a preexisting situation.” Apple was trying to enter a field dominated by Amazon, and Amazon was selling books below cost to stimulate Kindle e-reader sales. Apple’s position is it was trying to overthrow a monopoly held by Amazon, rather than trying to create a new one.

TUAW TV Live: The inevitable WWDC preview show

Steve: “Let’s see … Apple’s got something coming up next week… Oh, yeah — it’s WorldWide Developer Conference week! Hey, Doc, why don’t we do something really original, like a WWDC preview show!”

Doc: “Sure, Steve! What an original idea! Nobody has probably ever thought of that in the history of Apple podcasts!”

Apple, THX work to resolve patent lawsuit

This past March audio pioneers THX sued Apple in California’s federal court for patent infringement. The case involves narrow-profile speaker designs that can enhance sound output. THX is claiming the infringement of their 2008 patent is only found in the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, and some models of the iPad and iMac computer.

Now both sides in the dispute are attempting to settle the case out of court. Bloomberg is reporting that lawyers from Apple and THX have filed a request with San Francisco’s federal court to reschedule a June 14 case-management conference until July 26. The filing explicitly states the reason for rescheduling as “the parties are currently attempting to resolve this matter outside of litigation.”

We’ve included an example of an iMac featuring the speaker design in question above. THX was founded by George Lucas in 1983 as a division of Lucasfilm. A majority stake in the company was sold to Creative Labs in 2002.

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