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Apple Working On Intelligent Brightness Control And Automated FaceTime Camera Selection

Ideally, your smart device of the future anticipates your needs and adjusts itself to suit them without requiring input on your behalf.facetime ive2

Two newly published patent applications (spotted by AppleInsider) from Apple describe systems that could help do just that for future iPhones and iPads, via selective screen brightness control and auto camera switching during FaceTime video calls.

The first patent application describes a way for a user to selectively adjust brightness and contrast of different user interface elements independently of one another. Essentially, this could work in practice by doing things like selective lightboxing as you might see on a photo-focused website, foregrounding elements that contain active content and providing enhanced visibility as well as offering some battery savings.

Analyst: Apple to launch iWatch in 2014, could be priced at $199

There have been several rumors that Apple will launch an iOS based smartwatch, informally called iWatch.Report: Apple’s iWatch Will Run iOS

Analyst Wanli Wang at CIMB Securities claims that two Taiwanese firms, Inventec and Quanta Computer have received orders to make the highly anticipated iWatch, according toThe Economic Times.

Wang also claims that according to his sources Apple will launch the smartwatch in 2014, and could sell it for an average price of $199. Wang predicts that Apple will ship 63.4 million units in the year after the launch. Wang hasn’t provided any further details about iWatch.

Apple To Also Unveil New iPads Alongside New iPhones At September 10th Event, Says Report

It seems almost certain that Apple will introduce two new iPhones on September 10th, the date set for a special media event to showcase the budget iPhone 5C and the flagship iPhone 5S. But while we continue to see leaks an hear rumors of the iPad 5 and second-gen iPad mini, there hasn’t been much indication to suggest that the upgraded tablets will be launching alongside those new iPhones. However, a report from Bloomberg cites “a person familiar with the matter” in stating that the Cupertino company has “several more game changers” in the offing, which could mean that we see those new iPads at the very same event.

The iPad 5 is expected to borrow the same form factor that has made the iPad mini such a winner, with thinner bezels allowing the rather bloated slate to be brought down to size. Meanwhile, the second-gen iPad mini will possibly incorporate a Retina display, which was perhaps the main gripe consumers had with last year’s inaugural release.

Apple iPad rear shell

iPhone 5S vs. iPhone 5 Scratch Test [Video]

When Apple launches a new iPhone, one of the rituals has been to do a scratch test to find out how well the device can handle coins and keys when you put it in the pocket. Some extreme scratch tests also put the new iPhone under the

These days due to Apple’s leaky supply chain, we don’t not have to wait for iPhone 5S to be launched to find out how well it will perform in this durability test (assuming the leaked rear shells are indeed the real deal).

Folks of JailbreakNation who have managed to get his hands on the gold iPhone 5S back panel and have done a scratch test and compared it with an iPhone 5. Here are some of their observations, which they found “pretty interesting”:

Apple Patents Smart Home And Media Center Remote Control Via iPhone

The fabled Apple television set is still a fable, lo these many years after it first was whispered into the waiting ear of an analyst or blogger, but today Apple has secured a new patent (via AppleInsider) which could renew interest in rumors of Apple’s television plans, since it describes an iPhone-based remote control system for completely setting up a home theatre system tailored to specific types of content, moods and themes.

Apple’s multimedia system/smart home-type remote would be able to recall, store and set things like lighting, channels, music and window shades as well as set stereo components like amplifiers and more to desired settings.


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