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Bad Piggies will have you building custom vehicles for Angry Birds’ piggies

The original Angry Birds is a hugely successful franchise, all built on the seemingly simple mechanic of flicking some birds at structures and knocking them down. Bad Piggies, the antagonist in the Angry Birds franchise, are now getting their own franchise based on building things.

Similar to Amazing Alex in that you’ll rely on creativity to build things to solve puzzles, in Bad Piggies you’ll use blocks with various functions (an engine, a rotor, wheels, etc.) to build vehicles to “launch” your piggies. Of course there will be a variety of landscape challenges as your piggies must reach a goal with cargo intact.

Fox 5 New York gets suckered by iPhone 5 concept video

Tech reporting is hard. So many new products, so many features; who can keep track of them all? The answer: not the gang at the NYC Fox affiliate’s late evening news, who managed to misrepresent the iPhone 5′s feature list rather dramatically.

As pointed out by 9to5Mac, the coverage package of interviews with line-waiters at the 5th Avenue store who are anticipating the Friday launch took a rather surreal turn. The reporter breathlessly cites “a laser keyboard and holographic images” for the new iPhone, as a clip plays showing those capabilities.

The HEX Code Wallet case is nicely built, but a little too unwieldy

A few years ago, I decided to do my best to narrow down the number of things I carry around in my pockets every single day. Instead of one giant keychain with all of the keys I’ve ever owned on it, I cut down to two smaller keychains, one for my house and another for my car. And instead of a giant wallet that had been stretching out my back pants pockets, I instead just grabbed the insert out and stuck my ID and a few cards in there. Other than that, my iPhone 4 is the largest thing I carry around all the time. Of course, the functionality is definitely worth it, but still, I’ve always wondered if there was a way I could go even lighter, and combine my iPhone and wallet into one unit.

The HEX Code Wallet case for the iPhone 4 or 4S is designed to do just that: It’s a very well-made leather wraparound case that has a few card slots on the inside front cover, and the goal is to simply store a credit card or two and your ID, so that you don’t need to carry around both a phone and a wallet when you go out. Unfortunately, the HEX Wallet isn’t what I’m looking for. While it will definitely store your cards as needed, it’s just too unwieldy for the simplicity that I’m after.

Apple EarPods a big improvement over original Earbuds

Apple EarPods a big improvement over original EarbudsApple’s Earbuds were introduced with the original iPod in 2001. After 11 years, Apple has replaced the iconic white earpieces with the EarPods (US$29). I bought a pair right away, as they’re only a few dollars more than the throw-away headphones I usually buy from the drug store. After three days of use, I can say that the EarPods won’t attract serious audiophiles but they raise the bar for entry-level audio quite a bit. Here’s my look at Apple’s new EarPods.

OMG They Stay In My Ears

I’ve owned several iPods and iPhones over the years. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I shouldn’t even bother freeing the Earbuds from their shrink wrap. They just don’t stay in my ears. In fact, my ears actively repel Apple Earbuds, as if they mean to do me harm. If the EarPods stay in my head, I’ll be happy.

iMessage was a bit rocky for some today

After a rough patch last week for iCloud, Apple has been having some issues today with iMessage. Reports on MacRumors and Twitter indicate some people were having trouble using Apple’s SMS replacement. Problems included messages not sending and error messages.

It’s not a problem for everyone using the service, but it had many Apple users gritting their teeth. Many people are now reporting the service is working again, but my personal experience with iMessage is that most of the time it works, but several times a week the service stumbles and my iPhone has to revert to standard SMS.

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