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Nukotoys digital apps and physical cards available now

Back in January at CES, one of the most magical things we got to see was these new cards from Nukotoys, physical collectible cards that somehow interacted with Apple’s capacitive touchscreens (probably with an invisible pattern, if I had to hazard a guess). The project seemed very cool, and Nukotoys told us that it hoped to release by year’s end. They’re ahead of schedule apparently, because the apps are now available on the App Store, and I’m told that the physical cards are out at retailers available to buy right now.

That link above goes to the Monsterology-branded app, and there’s also an Animal Planet-branded Wildlands app out, with specific “Nuko Cards” also available for each. The idea is that kids can buy packs of the cards, which will then interact with the apps when touched to the iPad or iPhone’s screen, adding an animal or monster directly into the app. Nukotoys is sending some cards along to TUAW shortly, so we’ll have a look at how it all actually works when those show up.

LTE iPhone could revolutionize UK mobile market

LTE iPhone could revolutionize UK mobile market

The Verge is reporting that today’s a big day in the UK mobile market. The UK regulator of telecommunications, Ofcom, granted approval for carrier Everything Everywhere to roll out 4G LTE service in the UK on its 1800 MHz spectrum before the official 4G auction that is expected next year.

Everything Everywhere is a joint venture of T-Mobile and Orange, and they’re now free to offer LTE to UK customers beginning on September 11. While competitors Vodafone, O2 and Three are not very happy about this, there’s a possible scenario that probably scares the heck out of those three carriers: what if Apple announces the next generation iPhone on September 12 as planned, and it supports 1800 MHz LTE? That would give Everything Everywhere an exclusive lock on LTE iPhone service in the UK.

Would you check your iPhone at the door of a restaurant for a discount?

Ever have a date look at you sideways because you can’t refrain from Instagramming your meal? If you need some persuasion to kick the distracted dining habit, then you may want to visit Eva Restaurant in Los Angeles, California. Owner Mark Gold has kicked off an interesting promotion that’ll give you a 5 percent discount on your meal if you check your cell phone at the door.

Gold told Airtalk, a radio show on Southern California’s 89.3 KPCC, that he did this for his customers. Gold says, “It’s about two people sitting together and just connecting, without the distraction of a phone, and we’re trying to create an ambience where you come in and really enjoy the experience and the food and the company.”

Daily iPad App: Puzzle Craft is puzzle farming bliss

I came to a realization a little while ago: I love grindy games. I really enjoy games with a certain amount of repetition to them, games where I slowly but steadily build up resources and a character (or an empire) while performing somewhat mindless but infinitely amusing tasks. Puzzle Craft fits right in that category — like that other great puzzle/RPG mashup, Puzzle Quest (as well as the recent 10000000), it provides a solid and rewarding system of progression to a fairly basic but amusing puzzle system.

The progression system is all “built” around a town: You start out the game with just a farmfield, and then slowly use that field, collecting its resources in the puzzle game, to build up houses and a mine, and then a windmill and so on, until you have a thriving metropolis in its place. To do all of this, you collect a series of resources, each of which can be used to build buildings, tools, or hire certain citizens or workers. Because Puzzle Craft is published by Chillingo, all of this is very clear, and the graphics are colorful and clean, with specific icons used for each resource that easily and quickly convey what you need to collect more of.

Plants vs Zombies 2 coming next year

PopCap has made an announcement that will be music to the ears of flower-planting undead fighters everywhere: Plants vs. Zombies is getting a sequel, due in spring 2013. Unfortunately, no details have been announced yet; PopCap says that the game will have “new features, settings, and situations” but that’s about it. That’s probably not a problem, however, as fans will probably be happy with any new PvZ content they can play.

Another thing that hasn’t been announced yet is platforms. Traditionally, PopCap has launched its titles on PC first then, as it did with Plants vs Zombies, release them on other platforms such as iOS and gaming consoles. But Plants vs. Zombies has been a huge hit on mobile. PopCap, as part of EA, has also been increasingly focusing on mobile as a way to sell its mass-market casual games. So hopefully it won’t be long before we see this title on iOS — with luck it might be on release day.

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