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Daily iPad App: Supermagical provides polished fun

You’ve played games like Supermagical before. It’s similar to Bubble Bobble or Snood, two games which have been seen multiple times on almost every platform, including iOS. But the key here is polish. Supermagical is a fun game that has you matching up colored balls that you fire across the screen. Just like the developer’s previous release, Pro Zombie Soccer, the production value is very high.

The game is tilted on its side, so instead of shooting up to the top, you’re firing across the screen, and bouncing balls across the top and bottom. That simple change adds a lot. Supermagical’s cute characters and colorful graphics go a long way as well, and spells, powerups, and special attacks make the game pop off of the screen. There are also extra goals, like completing a level in a certain time, and various items change the gameplay.

How to be an Apple Genius: A look inside the manual

Gizmodo has gotten its hands on an Apple internal training manual for its retail Geniuses, and it’s just as Apple-like as you’d expect it to be, complete with very structured, high level how-tos for creating and pushing the always unique Apple brand. It all makes sense, really: Apple is now the most valuable brand in the world, and Apple’s Geniuses are the (lowest-paid) ambassadors of that brand, so this manual is an attempt to codify just what it is that’s so special about this company.

To that end, Apple’s made use of strategies like empathizing with customers almost to a fault, and even using special acronyms (Approach, Probe, Present, Listen, End for “Apple,” or the three Fs: Feel, Felt, Found, for how a customer’s feelings should be adjusted while chatting about discovering new tech options in the store) to smooth out the whole experience. Apple’s Geniuses are asked never to use words like “crash” or “hot” — instead, computers may “stop responding” or iOS devices may be “warm” at best. Perhaps most interesting, Apple Geniuses are encouraged to “surprise” customers instead of correct them. Using the phrase “turns out” (as in, “it turns out the iPad has up to 64 GB of memory”) is specifically mentioned as a way to surprise customers with Apple quality.

Camalapse: Make your own panning time-lapse iPhone movies

So, you’ve always wanted to be able to take one of those cool time-lapse iPhone movies that slowly pans from one direction to another? Now you can do it easily and inexpensively with the Camalapse, a US$25 accessory that works with a Glif ($20) or other iPhone tripod mount to give your iPhone a spin as it’s taking a movie.


T-Mobile prompts employees to "sell against the iPhone"

So, what do you do if you’re T-Mobile USA and not only do you not carry the iPhone now, but there’s a good chance you’re not going to be selling the next-generation iPhone either? That’s easy — tell your employees to “sell against the iPhone.”

TmoNews — “The Unofficial T-Mobile Blog” and no relation to TUAW — published images yesterday of internal T-Mobile memos. The first is rather innocuous, telling sales employees at T-Mobile stores that a new “Monthly4G MicroSIM Kit” will be available for iPhone 4/4S owners who wish to move to 4G on the Magenta Network. But it’s the second memo that caught everyone’s attention.

WeatherBug Elite for iPhone adds real time lightning sensors

As I see it there are two kinds of weather programs. There are the ‘pretty’ weather apps with beautiful animations and graphics that are somewhat short on in-depth data, and there are the apps that dive very deeply into data like precipitation totals and trends. Then there are a lot of in-between apps that try to blend both approaches.

Put WeatherBug Elite (US$1.99) in the ‘plenty of information’ category. It packs just about everything you would want to know about the weather into a few compact screens, and touching portions of those screens often brings up even more data.

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