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Use Fotobooks+ to organize, store and share photos on your iPhone

Fotobooks+ is a US$0.99 app for iPhone that lets you organize photos in your Camera Roll into albums. The results look great and can be locked to keep select photos private. Here’s my look at Fotobooks+.

Pictures can be annotated with captions, which only appear once you’ve tapped an image. A second tap replaces the album backdrop with a black background.

Apple lists which Samsung products it will try to ban in US

Apple won a huge jury victory over Samsung on Friday, and was generally vindicated on allegations of infringing patents in Samsung’s smartphones. While the judge in the case still needs to uphold the jury’s verdict, it’s essentially all over but the crying — and appeals.

Now Apple has released a preliminary list of the models it’s alleging infringement, and here they are:

RunKeeper and GymPact want you to get paid for tracking your fitness

Staying motivated to achieve your fitness goals is always difficult. But would you be motivated if someone actually decided to pay you for sticking to those fitness goals? That’s the idea behind GymPact, which today announced a partnership with RunKeeper to link the latter company’s fitness tracking app to its pay-for-workouts motivational service.

The idea behind GymPact is simple. You make a “pact” each week basically setting a monetary amount you’ll pay if you don’t make your exercise goals. For example, your pact may be to pay $25 if you don’t work out five days this week for at least 30 minutes. If you’ve made or exceeded your goal at the end of the week, you get paid by the money of those who didn’t meet their goals. If you decide to sit around and watch TV every night instead of working out, you are out $25.

Daily iPhone App: Bridge Call Dialer speeds conference calling

As much as we love the multitasker flexibility of the iPhone, there are situations where you might find it slightly inconvenient to have your email, notepad, address book and phone all stacked atop one another on a touchscreen. Most business professionals experience one of those situations on a regular basis: the simple (or not so simple) conference call.

Sure, if your meeting host is using an integrated service that supports iOS directly (WebEx, GoToMeeting, Fuze Meeting etc.) then it’s one-button easy to join the call via VoIP or a callback. But most of the time, you’ll find yourself jotting down a bridge number and PIN on a piece of paper, or switching between apps hastily to memorize the access code before the voice prompt times out. Not ideal.

Rumor Roundup: October surprise

Though this week’s Apple news was dominated by the company’s not-at-all-shocking victory over Samsung in the Patent Trial of the Century, that doesn’t mean sites didn’t find time to squeeze out the usual gamut of rumors.

Apple’s ‘iPhone 5 Tsunami’ predicted to sell 250M units over life cycle (AppleInsider)

Some analyst consulted his crystal ball and determined the next iPhone — which hasn’t sold a single unit or even been officially confirmed to exist yet — will sell a quarter of a billion units. Apple’s best quarter so far only managed 15M iPhone sales, for reference.

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