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Best Buy offers iPhone 4 for $50 with 2-year contract

If you’re looking for an iPhone 4 on the cheap for the kids, for your elderly parents, or for yourself, head on over to your local Best Buy store. They’re now offering the 8 GB iPhone 4 for US$49.99 with a new two-year contract.

The discount, which appears to be permanent and not just a temporary sale, is available for the GSM model (AT&T) and the CDMA version (Verizon and Sprint) in both black and white. The new pricing comes on the heels of Apple’s report during the 3Q 2012 earnings call that it had sold 26 million iPhones in that quarter ending June 30. While that was a 28 percent growth in sales over the same quarter a year ago, investment analysts were disappointed with the numbers and Apple’s stock dropped about $30 a share as a result.

MacTech and Southern Stars launching a satellite into space

MacTech and Southern Stars launching a satellite into space

The folks at MacTech Magazine have teamed up with the Southern Stars Group to launch a satellite, and you can have a hand in the fun.

The project, called SkyCube, is now on Kickstarter and looking for funding. The nano-satellite, designed to the CubeSat standard, is scheduled to take a ride into earth orbit aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 launch vehicle next year as a “secondary payload”.

Apple, Samsung bickering over where to sit in court

The bickering between Samsung and Apple just won’t stop. The latest report from AllThingsD suggests Samsung is even arguing over where it will sit and what the two companies will be called during the trial. Striving to get every advantage it can, Samsung is asking the court to call both companies claimants instead of plaintiff and defendant, since the trial involves patent infringement allegations from both sides. Samsung also asks that it be allowed to sit in the plantiff’s table when it is arguing its case.

“Equal treatment of the parties with respect to where they sit while presenting their affirmative case will mitigate any prejudice to Samsung that may result from Apple being in closer proximity to the jury throughout the trial,” Samsung said in its brief. Jury selection in the trial is slated to begin July 30 so expect to hear a lot more about this legal battle in the upcoming weeks.

You’re the Pundit: Identify the Icons

When it comes to evaluating the next big thing, we turn to our secret weapon: the TUAW braintrust. We put the question to you and let you have your go at it. Today’s topic is the iPhone prototype icons.

We were having a look through the prototype gallery over on our sister site Engadget, and a shot of some early icons caught our eye. Some icons seem to have persisted almost unchanged to modern iOS (Safari, Weather, Stocks), others underwent major redesign (Phone and Mail).

Looking back at these prototypes, do you think Apple was really going to give us a 4-by-4 puzzle game (shades of OS 9!) and what was up with some of those icons like the lightning bolt, the yellow bar, and the airplane? The blue icon on the bottom bar was the contacts app, right?

Apple says Google warned Samsung about copying Apple’s work

The big trial between Apple and Samsung is slated to begin next week in the US and the two companies are filing briefs in advance to prepare for the jury part of the trial. One juicy tidbit pulled out of Apple’s brief by AllThingsD reveals that Samsung was warned by Google and others that its early Galaxy devices were too similar to Apple’s products.

According to the brief, Google told Samsung that its prototype Galaxy Tab (P1) and Tab 10.1 (P3) were “too similar” to the iPad and ordered Samsung to make its products a “…distinguishable design vis-à-vis the iPad for the P3.” Even a group of designers told Samsung that “innovation” is needed because the Galaxy S looks like it was copied from the iPhone. The group went so far as to say that “[a]ll you have to do is cover up the Samsung logo and it’s difficult to find anything different from the iPhone.”

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