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How the iPhone surprise was almost given away by Steve Jobs

Apple’s curtain of secrecy surrounding new products is almost legendary, but a former Apple employee passed along a story to Business Insider’s Set Fiegerman about how the secret of the iPhone was almost revealed to the world — by Steve Jobs.

The setting for the story was at the house of Steve Jobs in early 2007, described by the employee as “a no man’s land for WiFi, with thick walls.” The iPhone team was trying to debug issues with Wi-Fi on an early build of the device, and finally went to Jobs’ house to figure out what was happening.

More iPhone prototypes revealed to disprove Sony design influence

Samsung and Apple face off in court this week when jury selection in their big patent infringement trial begins in the US. As the two gear up for their legal battle, tech journalists are still pulling out prototype images, emails and other information from the briefs that reveal a side of Apple we hardly ever see.

The Verge pulled out another iPhone prototype called “Purple” that pre-dates the “Sony-Inspired” designs we saw last week. Purple was added by Apple to show that the company had the design for the iPhone several months before the Sony designs were created. The Sony and Jony designs were nothing more than a fun side-project based on a concept Apple was already refining.

Alternative email clients for Sparrow on the iPhone

Sparrow announced late last week that it had been acquired by Google. In its announcement, the company said it will continue to make both the Mac and iOS versions of the Sparrow email client available and provide support for its customers. This means that iPhone owners can continue to use the current version of Sparrow, but at some point, iOS is going to outpace the app and you’re going to need to switch to a different email client.

If you’re on the hunt for a new email app, then you should check out some of the iOS email clients listed below. If you have a favorite that’s not included below, please share it in the comments. Mac users may also want to take a look at our list of email clients for the Mac.

Subway iPad theft leaves reporter with broken jaw

Subway iPad theft leaves reporter with broken jaw

A new iPad, iPhone or other shiny electronic device is an attractive target for thieves, as Wall Street Journal reporter Rolfe Winkler now knows first-hand. But there are a few simple tactics to reduce your chances of having a device stolen from you, and the mobile industry is looking at further ways to make electronic devices less attractive targets for thieves.

Winkler and a date were on a NYC subway train looking at an ebook while the train slowed and stopped at the Bergen Street station in Brooklyn. When a thief ripped the iPad out of his date’s hands, Winkler instinctively chased after him, only to run into the thief’s backup team on the platform. “Instead of winning back the iPad, I found myself lying on the platform bleeding, my jaw split in half,” said Winkler. While Winkler ended up eating through a straw for a month, it could have been much worse; in 2011 a Chicago woman died after an iPhone thief caused her to fall down the stairs of a commuter rail station.

Daily iPhone App: 10000000 is a great, complex game with a strange name

Some games pare down a core idea to something really simple and elegant, cutting everything else away until one main bit of gameplay shines through. Canabalt is probably the perfect example of that recently — it’s just one core mechanic, done very, very well. But other games go the other direction: they add on system after system after system, and the art isn’t in cutting things away, but it’s in joining things together, juggling all kinds of balls and knives and torches, and yet still keeping the gameplay accessible and interesting. The recently released (and strangely named) 10000000 is of the second kind: It’s a game with a ton of different things going on, but its charm is that even with so much happening, you can still “get it”.

Essentially, the game is a match-3 title: You can slide various tiles around, trying to match up three or more of them together. But it’s also got a very in-depth RPG layer on top of it — your character runs across the top of the screen, fighting monsters, unlocking chests, and trying to repair your castle (earning up to 10,000,000 points, which is where the game’s name comes from). The gameplay’s balanced between what’s happening with your character at the top of the screen, and the effects of what you’re matching on the tiles below. There’s also loot, and skills, and a meta-mechanic that has you repairing doors to open up stages, and even bosses to fight as you race through timed dungeons.

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