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Solar Walk updated, on sale now

During WWDC, we got a chance to see an upcoming Solar Walk update from the folks at Vito Technology, and that update is now available. It adds a redesigned information screen that’s easier to access and more filled out, as well as a greatly improved graphics system. There are also preset bookmarks, which will show you around the solar system from different perspectives. There are a bevy of new objects floating out there in virtual space, including things such as asteroids, comets and dwarf planets.

To celebrate the update and its back-to-school timed release, Solar Walk is currently on sale for 99 cents. This app, like most of Vito’s products, has been everywhere already. It’s featured in Apple’s stores, and chances are you might have already bought it. But if not, at that price, it’s a steal.

Natural Motion on track to make $12 million a month with CSR Racing, acquires dev team Boss Alien

NaturalMotion started off working on a state-of-the-art physics system for consoles, but the since company moved to iOS, it’s found a lot more monetary success, putting out seven top-grossing games. Now the company has reportedly found a bonafide hit. CSR Racing was released on the App Store on June 28, and NaturalMotion says it’s been making $12 million a month since — all from in-app purchases. To celebrate, NaturalMotion has bought the game’s developer, BossAlien and says it’s planning on going even bigger with mobile games like this in the future.

Unfortunately, this isn’t all good news for players. I haven’t sat down to play CSR Racing yet, but many of the iTunes reviews say that the game is extremely restrictive with its microtransactions. One look at the offerings on display shows that they’re relatively high priced. That might generate a big revenue stream, but it doesn’t build longevity, and it certainly doesn’t win the company any long-term fans.

Horn gets a trailer, coming later this month

Horn gets a trailer, coming in August

We already knew that the developers behind the iOS horror game Dark Meadow were working on a new title called Horn, but now here’s a trailer to watch. As you can tell, it looks pretty darn good. It’s not quite as scary as the first game, though there are a few spooky elements, and the graphics look terrific. The game also looks like it will have a few more story and RPG elements to play with, so it should be fun.

The trailer also mentions that we won’t have long to wait: Horn is due out this month. That’s good news for fans of the first game who are looking to see what Phosphor has been working on. As soon as we see Horn in the App Store, we’ll let you know.

Layover for iOS offers sophisticated layering, blending to images

Layover is a neat photo app for iPhone and iPad (US$0.99, universal) that sounds like it might be a travel app. It’s not, yet “Layover” is a pretty good name for what it does.

The app lets you blend up to 5 photos. Masks and careful editing help you create a new, compelling image. This is the kind of sophistication you expect from pro apps like Photoshop, and it’s interesting to see these features trickle down to the iPhone and iPad.

Korea’s SK Telecom, KT in talks with Apple about LTE service

In what could be yet another hint that the next iPhone will support 4G LTE, officials with two Korean cellular operators — SK Telecom and KT — told the Korea Times that their respective companies are in talks with Apple to have the new phone support the 1.8 GHz network frequency.

SK Telecom is rolling out a Multi Carrier (MC) network, which will make LTE available in 23 cities by the end of 2012. This network allows devices to switch between the 800 MHz and 1.8 GHz LTE frequencies easily, easing the way for people traveling to Korea to use their 4G smartphones and tablets.

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