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PayPal will Accept Checks with iPhone / iPod touch Camera !

iPhone 4 CameraEverything is getter smarter these days. Today, PayPal – the e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet – announced that they will soon start accepting check deposits with iPhone.

All that would be required of you is to take a photograph of the check’s front and back side and then submit them. PayPal will then automatically transfer the money to your account.

An app called Square does this and it is itself free of cost (along with the money check-reader) but they take 2.75% of the total transaction with it. It is not confirmed at the moment if PayPal will take any cut off the transaction, but the fact that you don’t have to use a dongle-cum-reader a la Square would definitely make the entire process easier and cleaner.

Daily App: Weather HD for iPhone

You may already know all about Weather HD — the app made a nice splash when it was released early in the iPad’s life. But Vimov has just released it for the iPhone, and even on the smaller screen, it leaves quite an impression.

The idea is that instead of a tiny little icon or a big number telling you the weather, you get a full, bright screen of whatever the weather’s like near you (or what it’s going to be like in an hourly or daily forecast).

The app is super simple on purpose, so if you’re looking for full maps, video, or more detailed information, you’ll have to go elsewhere (I usually use the free Weather Channel app for more in-depth weather updates). Still, for just 99 cents, Weather HD is worth having around if all you need to check every once in a while is the temperature and forecast.

And heck,

New Apple TV Software Ported To iPod Touch

Apple TV starts shippingErica Sadun of TUAW who downloaded and unpacked the iOS 4.1 Apple TV firmware has discovered the Lowtide application, which appears to be Apple TV’s interface application.

She has also discovered settings which indicates that the application is compatible with iPad, which has led to speculations that users will be able to stream video content to the iPad just like to the new Apple TV from an iPhone or iPod Touch using the AirPlay feature.

She also reports that developer, Dustin Howett has managed to successfully port Apple TV’s Lowtide application to an iPod Touch on iOS 4.1.

You can checkout the video of the lowtide application running on an iPod Touch below:

iPhone 4, iPod touch 4G and iPod touch 3G: Compared by Size, Display Quality [PHOTOS]

iPod touch 4G 3G iPhone 4 comparisonTwo days back Taimur, resident admin here at Redmond Pie, tweeted that a post comparing iPhone 4 with iPod touch 4G / 3G would be going up soon. Well, if you can read this, it means we’ve fulfilled our promise!

Taimur got his 4th gen iPod touch recently and took some pretty-pretty photographs comparing the overall look, thickness, front/back and Retina Display.

The photos verify a lot of what we know about the 4th gen iPod touch so far which I’ll get into later in the post. See the photos below!!

iTunes 10.1 Beta Released for Windows and Mac

iTunes 10.1 Beta has also been released today alongside iOS 4.2 Beta 2. Again, this release is currently meant for developers only, running both Windows and Mac. Except for the support of the new wireless printing feature in iOS, there is seems to be nothing new in this release.

iTunes 10.1 Beta

This is a pre-release version of iTunes 10.1 beta to support testing of printing from your iOS app. Be sure to backup your iTunes content prior to installing iTunes 10.1 beta.

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