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iFixit opens up the new 16 GB iPod touch

iFixit opens up the new 16 GB iPod touch

Apple last week unceremoniously introduced a new, lower-cost iPod Touch model. Priced at US$229, the new iPod Touch comes without a rear facing camera or the recently-introduced wrist loop. Aside from that, the model is essentially the same as current 5th generation iPod Touch models.

That, however, didn’t stop the industrious folks over at iFixIt from getting their hands on the newest iPod Touch and tearing it upon.

Apple has sold more than 100 million iPod touches

Apple doesn’t typically break out sales figures for specific iPod models, but I suppose the 100 million mark is something special. Hot on the heels of introducing a revamped iPod Touch, Apple told Jim Dalrymple of The Loop that the company has now sold over 100 million iPod Touch units.

Since first launching in September of 2007, the iPod Touch quickly became Apple’s most popular iPod model, often times accounting for more than 50% of quarterly iPod sales. In a world where MP3 players are dying a slow death thanks to the smartphone, the iPod Touch has proven to be a resilient member of Apple’s product lineup.

As a final point of interest, it took the iPad just two and a half years to reach the 100 million mark.

Apple introduces new iPod touch without rear camera for $229

Apple has introduced a new model of its iPod touch. The new iPod touch comes in a 16 GB capacity and lacks the rear iSight camera of other iPod touches with Retina displays. This new model of iPod touch does still feature the front facing FaceTime camera. With the introduction of this new low-cost iPod touch it appears Apple has discontinued the old fourth generation 3.5-inch screen iPod touches.

Besides lacking the rear iSight camera, the new low-cost iPod touch with Retina display only comes in black or silver colors. Its siblings that have a rear iSight camera and come and 32 GB or 64 GB capacities are available in multiple colors. The new low-cost iPod touch does contain the same A5 chip and comes with the same Apple Earbuds as its higher-priced siblings, however.

Win a collector’s item: a Behringer iNuke Boom Junior speaker dock

I’m usually very good about turning around reviews; usually within a week or two of receiving a review device or accessory I’ve had a chance to try it out, take photos, and write it up. But there are two things that have been sitting in my office unopened for a few months, and I finally decided to get going on them. One item is a Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 that I’ll be writing up shortly now that the weather in Colorado is cooperating (except for the winter storm hitting tomorrow…), but today’s focus is on what’s in the big box in the corner of my office — the Behringer iNuke Boom Junior iPod/iPhone speaker dock.

Win a collector's item a Behringer iNuke Boom Junior speaker dock

Baby Monitor 3G makes watching your baby much easier with new OS X version

Having a baby requires constant vigilance — morning and night you are watching over your little one to keep them safe and happy. One indispensable tool for parents is a baby monitor that lets you watch over your child from afar. If you have an old iOS device lying around, then you might want to skip the traditional audio or camera-based monitors and take a look at Baby Monitor 3G and its new OS X version to see if this software package fits your baby-watching needs.

Baby Monitor 3G from TappyTaps works like a standard baby monitor system with an iOS device serving as a monitor in the baby’s room and a second device as the parent’s listening station. You can use two iOS devices as the baby-parent station pair or add in a Mac now that the latest version of the Baby Monitor 3G software includes an OS X app. The system works best over WiFi, but you can configure it to work over 3G as well.

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