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iPod lineup gets new color option — space gray

The big news today was Apple’s new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, but those weren’t the only changes Apple made to its product lineup. Rather than a cut like we saw with the iPhone 5, Apple decided to add something colorful to its iPods. Namely, a new color option Space Gray.

ipod space gray

This new color was introduced with the iPhone 5s and will show up as an option for the iPod nano, the iPod shuffle and the 32/64 GB iPod touch.

Apple adds new ‘Space Gray’ color option for iPod Touch, nano, and shuffle

Apple has added a “space grey” color option to the iPod touch, iPod nano and iPod shuffle. The new color option for the iPods was first noticed by MacRumors.

The fact that Apple quietly did this probably means that no iPod refresh is set to come this year, as Apple would have likely held off on introducing the new color if iPods were to be refreshed before the holidays.

Happy anniversary to the venerable iPod touch

The iPod touch was introduced on this date way back in 2007 at an Apple music event. Steve Jobs gave the keynote address at that event (video below), but it’s hard to imagine that the first generation (pictured above) didn’t even have a proper speaker. While I wonder if anyone at Apple worried that the iTouch, as some call it, would scuttle iPhone sales, I’d say that hasn’t proven to be the case at all.

As of May 2013, Apple has sold about 100 million of these things. iPhones, meanwhile, have sold hundreds of millions, although Apple likes to lump iOS devices together to say that over 500 million iOS devices have been sold. Traditionally the company is loathe to break out iPod touch numbers, but suffice it to say the touch is a smaller share — by far — than the iPad or iPhone.

iTunes 11.0.4 arrives with some minor bug fixes

Apple has released a minor update for iTunes that fixes a few bugs in the program.

According to the release notes for version 11.0.4, the update addresses a bug that would cause iTunes to quit when users switched between wired and wireless syncing.

It also fixed an issue that caused some users to have to log into the iTunes store repeatedly during use.

iFixit opens up the new 16 GB iPod touch

iFixit opens up the new 16 GB iPod touch

Apple last week unceremoniously introduced a new, lower-cost iPod Touch model. Priced at US$229, the new iPod Touch comes without a rear facing camera or the recently-introduced wrist loop. Aside from that, the model is essentially the same as current 5th generation iPod Touch models.

That, however, didn’t stop the industrious folks over at iFixIt from getting their hands on the newest iPod Touch and tearing it upon.

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