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Apple issues GarageBand 10 update

Don’t blink, or you may miss this update. Apple released GarageBand 10.0.1 for the Mac late last night, citing fixes for “a number of minor issues” and improved overall app stability.

If you’re a fan of Apple’s consumer music-making app, you might want to make sure that the update has been installed by visiting the Updates tab of the Mac App Store. GarageBand 10 was released last month concurrently with the release of OS X Mavericks, adding such fun things as a virtual drummer, but taking out critical features used by podcasters.

Apple still shipping Macs with Mountain Lion installed

Here’s one for the “What were they thinking of?” file. David Gerwitz at ZDNet/CBS Interactive ordered a totally tricked-out iMac from Apple after the October 22 event, totally expecting the device to show up with the latest and greatest version of OS X. The order was made on October 28, a full week after OS X Mavericks shipped, and he received the iMac today. Upon taking the shiny big-screen device out of the box and booting it up, he was surprised to find that it wasn’t running OS X Mavericks, nor was it even running the most recent version of OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5). Instead, it was loaded with 10.8.4.

Looking at the order page for iMacs on the Apple website, each device is supposed to come fully equipped with OS X Mavericks. Apparently someone in Shenzhen, China didn’t get the memo about updating the devices that were ready to ship, since Gerwitz ended up with an OS version more than a month old. Gerwitz, at the time he was writing his post, was still waiting for Mavericks to finish downloading from the Mac App Store.

Apple Details Updates To iWork For Mac That Will Reinstate Missing Features

Both of Apple’s major operating systems — iOS for mobile and OS X for Mac — have been the subject of heavy updates these past couple of months. The introduction of iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks has meant that many apps, including the iWork family of utilities, have been altered rather significantly. But while some have been pleased with the changes made to the Cupertino company’s famed productivity suite, which consists of Keynote, Numbers and Pages, many of the purists have been bemused with the apparent decision to omit some long-standing key features. As ever, they’ve been inundating the Support Forums with their complaints, to the point at which Apple has now announced some of the important features and changes to be made to iWork in the near future.

It’s often the case that long-time users have something to say about changes made to certain apps and services, and with the iWork collective clearly bereft of some long-standing features, they certainly weren’t going to go down quietly. The controversy has sparked an all-new support page from Apple, which essentially outlines forthcoming updates to all three apps, and with the schedule time set for the next six months, those lost without their missing features shouldn’t have to wait too long for their return.

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Five apps (and more) to help you write your NaNoWriMo novel

November is National Novel Writing Month, also known as NaNoWriMo. It’s a month-long initiative that challenges you to get that unwritten novel out of your head and onto paper.

We have a handful of tips to help you get started, and below is an updated list of our some popular writing tools for iOS and OS X. If you have your own favorites, please share them in the comments. You can also browse through this exhaustive list of iOS text editors provided by Brett Terpstra.

New App Lets Users Unlock Their Mac By Knocking On Their iPhone [VIDEO]

Technology enthusiasts are always interested in experiencing new and innovative solutions that make daily life that little bit easier. The majority of us usually carry our phones around with us and the growing popularity of OS X means that more and more people are interacting with Macs on a daily basis. Security is generally high on everyone’s agenda when using our static and mobile devices, but where is it written that a secure computer has to be a tedious one? The new Knock app is aiming to put an end to that tedium by letting users unlock their Macs by simply ‘knocking’ on their iPhone.

Knock Software Inc. has introduced their Knock app that offers a native download for OS X running Macs as well as an accompanying iPhone app that is available through the iOS App Store. The software capitalizes on the fact that users generally carry their mobile device around with them on a permanent basis and allows us all to use our iPhone as a secure password to interact with the Mac.


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