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MyFourWalls is a great Mac app for home interior design and planning

MyFourWalls is a great Mac app for home interior design and planningOften during the holidays people begin to think about updating their home, their furniture, or just rearranging. MyFourWalls (U.S. $29.99) for Mac may be just the ticket to help you visualize those changes. The app contains some intuitive tools to set your exterior and interior walls in place, elect carpeting and ceiling material, then start to populate your room with chairs, couches, tables, bookshelves etc. until you have the room built. There’s everything from Flat Screen TVs to component shelves, office furniture, and kitchen equipment. You drag what you want into the room, and size it accurately with the handy guides. Once your things are in, their dimensions can be adjusted. Thinking about a new lamp. MyFourWalls let’s you insert a lamp or lighting fixtures, and see the effect in the room.

Views can be overhead 2D or a very nice 3D rendering, and you can move wherever you want to really get an idea how the room will look. I could duplicate my family room quite easily, and adjustments were easy. If you get stuck, there is a handy and complete help guide just a click away.

Authors rejoice! Pages for iOS now does a better job round-tripping to MS Word

One of the very few remaining reasons why I don’t go all “Ticci” and do all of my writing on the iPad is that when I’m writing books for traditional publishers, they have a tendency to get queasy with anything that isn’t written in Microsoft Word. Since they also like to keep an eye on what changes authors are making to documents, change tracking has to be turned on in Word all the time. So in the past, the vast majority of my offline writing has been done in Word on a Mac just to keep those publishers happy.

Not any more. Through a happy experiment this morning, I found that Pages (for both Mac and iOS) now does a much better job of round-tripping with Word. That’s the term for shifting a document back and forth between different applications on different platforms, hopefully without too many formatting changes happening in the process.

Mac App of the Week: DxO Perspective takes a crooked photo and makes it straight

We’ve all taken those regrettable photos — you snap a quick shot of your friends of family in front of a wonderful scene and when you get home you realize you weren’t holding your camera as straight as you thought. You can fire up your favorite photo editor and try to apply a fix, but it is often an exercise in frustration as you try to rotate and skew the photo to get the correct angle and perspective. If you are ready to leave these frustrating fixes behind, then you should check out DxO Perspective from DxO Labs.

Black Friday shopping guide for deals on Mac, iPhone and iPad accessories

The holiday shopping season kicks off this week with select stores rolling back prices before the big shopping extravaganza of Black Friday. To help you get the most for your money, we have scoured the websites of the retailers big and small and have listed the sales they have planned on Apple accessories.

We already have a list of Apple hardware that’ll be on sale this week and will follow up later this week with software discounts for the iPad, iPhone and Mac. We also will update this list as the week goes on with deals from other manufacturers and retailers like OWC, ZAGG and more.

Tell us your holiday IT nightmares in video and you could win!

Ever go home for the holidays and wind up troubleshooting or fixing family computers? Ever spend an hour with an aunt or uncle showing them, finally, how to set up email on their iPhone? Or use FaceTime? While Apple’s software and hardware are notoriously easy to use, it is inevitable that the circuit-savvy among us will be called into active nerd duty when we head home for a spell.

With that in mind, we’re working with Los Angeles startup FilmThis to bring you a fun holiday treat this year. Just express your holiday IT stories in video form and use this special FilmThis page to enter. The videos with the most votes will win the prizes listed on that page, courtesy your friends at TUAW.

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