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Capo for Mac gets a feature update, makes learning music even easier

A couple years ago I took an in-depth look at Capo, the music learning app designed to reverse engineer music on your Mac, making music easier to hear, and therefore learn to play. Capo has seen a major update since then to 3.0, bringing some big new features and enhancing the best of the previous version. Better still, it’s cheaper, too, at US$29.99 on the Mac App Store.

Since I covered most of what Capo has to offer in my previous review (which you can read here), I’m going to jump straight into Capo’s new and enhanced features.

Capo has enhanced its spectrogram feature (analyzing the audio in a track) to automatically detect chords that are played in a song. Furthermore, the chords are placed in chord boxes that show you how to play the them, with easy-to-read chord descriptions, where the changes are in the song. You can also try different variations of chords from the box, just double click a chord box to see a variety of different inversions.

You’ll Flip over Doxie’s newest scanner

Doxie’s been around for a while, selling a series of very portable scanners that were battery powered and used a sheet feeder that you could feed one piece of paper or one photo at a time into. These were fairly nice scanners, but you couldn’t use them to do something like scan a book — at least not without doing something really counterproductive like copying the pages first, then feeding those into the scanner. That’s why I think the new Doxie Flip (US$149) is going to be popular. It’s a small, battery-powered flatbed scanner that can be used in a variety of ways to scan photos, books, sketches, you name it.


Download iTunes 11.1.3 For OS X And Windows: Features Equalizer Fixes And Other Improvements

Apple has today updated their iTunes software to version 11.1.3. The latest iTunes release from the Cupertino giant is an attempt to fix a number of niggling and ongoing bugs that were introduced as part of the last iteration of the software. Version 11.1.3 follows hot on the heels of the refresh to version 4.0 of Apple’s Remote app for iOS that has been refactored to work in perfect sync with iTunes 11.1.

iTunes users have been continuously filing bug reports with Apple since version 11.1 went live. The official change log that accompanies today’s release suggests that Apple has fixed a number of those reported problems including issuing a remedy for instances where the equalizer may not function exactly as the user would expect it to. The iTunes engineering team has also provided code fixes that dramatically increase the experience received when switching views with large iTunes libraries.


Knock unlocks your Mac with a simple knock-knock on your iPhone


Who’s there?


Daily Mac app: PDF Reader X is a lightweight PDF reader with some annotation features

Adobe Reader may be the most popular option for reading PDFs on your Mac, but the 77 MB app is far from being lightweight and nimble. If you are looking for an alternative that takes up less space and is easier on your computer, then you should check out PDF Reader X.

When you launch PDF Reader X for the first time, you’ll immediately notice the UI, which is not as polished as some OS X apps. Its interface is functional and efficient, but that can be a benefit as basic reader app does not require a lot of fluff. The best part of the experience is the tabbed interface, which allows you to open multiple documents and easily switch between them.

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