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How To Wrap The MacBook Charger Power Cord The Right Way [VIDEO]

Apple is known for its attention to detail, and that focus on the little things is probably why it sells its MacBooks with power bricks that have flick-out wings for wrapping the cord around. It’s not a big thing, but it’s just enough to make lugging a notebook computer around just that little bit easier.

As great as the wings are though, the whole system does have one flaw, and it’s just enough of a pain to take the shine off what would otherwise be a pretty ingenious setup. Thankfully though, where there’s a will to make these things even better, it turns out, there’s also a way. If you’ve ever had a nicely coiled MacBook charger but then been stuck with the actual plug and its cable left over, then you’re going to love this.


Twitter 3.0 for OS X Released: Features A More Visual Timeline, Beautiful Profile Views And Updated Design

Twitter for OS X had been on the low for quite some time, so much so that some had started to debate the likelihood that the company had pretty much given up on the platform. All of that changes today, when a new and refreshed Twitter for Mac 3.0 has just been released on the Mac App Store. Believe me when I say it, the new version will make you want to use the native Twitter app on your Mac once again, and ditch all the third-party solutions that you might have had employed over the course of time.

Let’s start with taking a quick look at the major changes that embrace Twitter for Mac 3.0. Photo previews are finally available, allowing you to get inline previews of timeline photos within your Twitter feed. Want to see the full resolution image? No problem — just click the image, and voila, instant preview, much like its iOS counterpart.


Google releases Mac desktop Chrome App Launcher


Google has released Chrome Apps Launcher for Mac to the general public. Previously, the software was only available to beta testers. Chrome apps are dedicated apps that, thanks to the new Chrome App Launcher, live in your OS X Dock in an icon that has a bunch of colored squares in it. Click the icon to launch the Chrome Apps Launcher and then select any Chrome app you want to run.

Mac App of the Week: Hourly News delivers the latest news updates to your Mac

Whether you’re a news junkie or trying to limit the amount of media you consume, Hourly News is worth consideration. It parses different sources and delivers hourly updates that keeps you up-to-date with what’s happening, domestically and internationally.

Hourly News lives in your menu bar. With the click of a button, you get the most recent news updates from a variety of sources including NPR, BBC News, Fox News, ESPN SportsCenter and a number of other news outlets throughout the world. A US$0.99 in-app purchase nets the ability to add a custom source beyond the 16 provided with the app.

The Elder Scrolls Online wages war on April 14, 2014

If you’re a devoted Mac gamer, you may sometimes feel like you’re missing out, especially when all the big MMOs and shooters launch on Windows machines months before OS X — if they ever release on Mac at all. Publisher Bethesda Softworks, for one, isn’t cool with that, so they’re launching the Mac edition of the highly anticipated Elder Scrolls MMO on the same day that all those hoity-toity Windows gamers will be getting their version. That day is April 4, 2014.

The game has been in a closed beta phase for a short while already, but the company clearly has some more work to do before it’s ready for public consumption. The game will be launching at a later date for home consoles.

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