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Speed Test: iPhone 4S Vs. iPhone 4 [VIDEO]

iPhone 4S comes with Apple’s faster dual-core A5 processor, which offers up to twice the power and up to seven times graphics performance.

Initial benchmark results of iPhone 4S have revealed that it is approximately 70% faster than iPhone 4 when it comes to using Mobile Safari.

So how fast is it when it comes to opening apps.

MacRumors points us to a comparison video posted by YouTube user Eurosausage, which highlights how much faster, the iPhone 4S is compared to iPhone 4 at launching apps.

iPhone 4S launch: Apple Store 5th Avenue, linewalk [VIDEO]

As per standard operating procedure for iOS product launches, this morning’s iPhone 4S introduction found the line at the Apple flagship store in New York City around the block — or in this case, around the corner.

It was a much smaller crowd than for the iPad 2 launch, but that product didn’t have a pre-order option so there was more cause to queue up.

You can see a 2 minute linewalk video below:

iPhone 4S Lines Have Started [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

iPhone 4S lines have started with less than 24 hours to go for official launch.

As we mentioned earlier, with shipping estimates for iPhone 4S pre-orders slipping to 1-2 weeks, one way to get your hands on Apple’s new iPhone 4S is to stand in line outside the Apple Store.

The lines outside Apple Stores in Japan are already quite long, which will be the first to open for iPhone 4S in a few hours from now.

Guillaume Erard reports that there were over 100 people in line at Apple’s Shibuya retail store in Tokyo.

He has also posted the following video:

iOS 5 For iPhone, iPad, iPod touch – Video Walkthrough [VIDEO]

It’s finally here folks, today is the when Apple has flipped the switch on iOS 5, and millions upon millions of iPhones, iPads and iPod touches are in the process of being updated to the latest and greatest mobile operating system to come out of Cupertino.iOS 5 iPhone iPod touch iPad

This fifth iteration in the iOS saga is perhaps the biggest change that Apple has made to the software that runs on all our iDevices, since the implementation of the App Store. We’ve been playing with iOS 5 for quite some time now, and we’re sure you’re going to like what you see when you have finally installed iOS 5.

In order to give you an idea of what to expect, what has changed and what to look out for when your iDevice restarts post-update, we’ve put together a video showing just what Apple has added to iOS this time around, and there’s quite a bit.

The vide covers everything we could think of: there’s iMessage, the new messaging service that Apple believes is on a par with the likes of BlackBerry Messenger, offering instant messaging for free across all iOS devices running iOS 5.

Then there is the vastly improved Notifications Center, improvements to Camera app, the all new Reminders and Newsstand apps, Twitter integration, and lots more. Mail client has also got a significant update! It now supports rich text for adding bold, italic or indentations to your emails. Flagging messages is also now part of Mail in iOS 5 too, something that many Exchange users have been crying out for recently.

iPhone 4S Review Round-up [Video]

What are ‘This is My Next’, ‘TechCrunch’, ‘Macworld’ and ‘WSJ’ saying about the new iPhone 4S? Well keep reading as we summarize the first reviews that are hitting the web!iPhone 4S A5

You may have seen my post concerning the neglect to memory in the new iPhone 4S. See what Walt Mossberg at The Wall Street Journal had to say about the performance:

Despite Siri, the iPhone 4S isn’t a dramatic game-changer like some previous iPhones. Some new features are catch-ups to competitors. I sense Apple chose to focus more on software and cloud service than on hardware. But, in my tests, the iPhone 4S performed very well.

The iPhone 4S now comes with the same, dual-core processor found in the iPad 2. I didn’t notice a dramatic speed gain, but the phone operated rapidly and surely, with smooth scrolling and swiping.

Macworld had this to say, summarizing the iPhone 4S:

Although the iPhone 4S sports a faster processor and an upgraded camera, the feature that everyone will be talking about is Siri. Siri, which replaces the Voice Control feature introduced with the iPhone 3GS, allows you to speak commands to your phone and have it do your bidding. You even activate Siri the same way as you did Voice Control: by holding down the home button on the iPhone itself, or by holding down the control button on your wired or wireless headset.

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