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How Google Can Kick Siri’s Rear With ‘Majel’

When Siri was introduced back in early October, it was regarded as one of iPhone 4S’s greatest features.Siri Majel mashup

Siri, as most of you already know, is a voice-based personal assistant and a knowledge navigator that uses natural language processing to let users give it a wide variety of questions and commands in everyday language. It then taps into services like Yelp!, Google, Wolfram-Alpha and iOS system apps to give the required answer.

I’ve used Siri myself and found it a joy to play around with. Therein lies its weakest point: it is just a toy. I personally know plenty of iPhone 4S users and, for them, Siri has boiled down to a “cool to show off, but not very useful” feature. (P.S. Consider answering the poll embedded at the end!)

Samsung insults iPhone owners with Super Bowl ad touting oversized stylus phone

Samsung USA has been on the warpath against Apple fans lately with a series of ads that show bored, desperate people standing in line for Apple’s next product while happy hipsters show off their Android-powered Sammy devices.

During yesterday’s Super Bowl, the company took the gloves off with a regionally-focused ad touting the new Samsung Galaxy Note.

The ad, estimated to cost Samsung a whopping US$10.5 million in air time alone, follows the same theme as the others in the campaign.

As in the previous ads, what appear to be Apple customers are standing in line waiting for a new device when a happy Galaxy Note user wanders up and the crowd drops everything as the scales fall from their eyes and they see the error of their ways.

iOSOpenDev Offers Xcode Templates For Developing Jailbreak Apps/Tweaks, v1.0.1 Now Available For Download

At the end of January we brought you quite an exciting article which focused on a new project called iOSOpenDev which aimed to make the process of creating ‘open’ iOS tweaks for jailbroken devices significantly easier.iOS Open Dev

The idea alone of a project such as iOSOpenDev should be enough to make the world stand up and take notice that the art of jailbreaking an iDevice isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but the actual release of the initial version is surely enough to prove that the community means business.

It seems that every Tom, Dick and Harry who has created a developer account with Apple and downloaded the Xcode IDE like to call themselves an iOS developer.

How to Watch Super Bowl 2012 on Your iPhone And iPad

The biggest game of the year – Super Bowl XLVI starts in less than 12 hours from now (3:30 p.m. PST and 6:30 p.m. EST).

Here’s a list of apps that you can use to either catch the live action on your iPhone or iPad or to enhance your viewing experience.

Verizon’s NFL Mobile app

Back in December, NFL announced that it will stream the Super Bowl and the Pro Bowl live to Verizon’s NFL Mobile app for iPhone and iPad. However, as an iPhone user with 3G data plan, you may need to also subscribe to Verizon Video ($10/month or $3/day).

iBackFlip Somersault available for preorder; watch creator explain improvements

I met up with the guys behind iBackflip while at Macworld, and was impressed with their passion for design.

Their first iBackflip was a pretty straightforward flip-down arm sling for the iPad. Using Velcro, it offered a basic black design and minimal extras. The new iBackflip Somersault, now available for pre-order, is a thoroughly updated version. At $99, I got to see one of the final versions, fresh from their factory.

The Somersault’s main feature is the ability to position the iPad in front of you while being securely fastened to your body via an ample sling.

The flip-down panel securing the iPad is no longer Velcro, it is a sturdy YKK zipper now, and the iPad is more securely fastened in its own pocket.

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