Today at CES LifeFuel debuted its first item, an iPhone-linked water-bottle that may distribute both products and tastes while monitoring water and supplement consumption. The container also includes switches that permit customers to distribute the products or tastes and a little display.

The Smart Diet Container is comparable to a protein move shaker, but may alternatively fill five individual 1-oz “FuelPods” that may maintain as much as 30 meals per ounce. LifeFuel claims the container has “all-day” battery life and that it costs wirelessly. The FuelPods may possibly include vitamins, like espresso or avocado, like zinc calcium or metal, water taste improvements, or products, like pre- protein and sleeping helps, routines. The FuelPods are made in cooperation with companions like Trace Nutrients Total Diet, SweetLeaf and Christopher Vegetable.

The FuelPods could be launched via the containeris connected display or they may be launched via the LifeFuel cellular app, which links to an iPhone over a Wireless link. The app not just monitors water consumption and moisture via the container, but complement and supplement consumption aswell. Additionally, it may set to apps like MyFitnessPal Apple Wellness and Fitbit to talk about its measurements. The app may use this information to create tips that are personalized to customers, recommending what products they require. Nevertheless, tastes and all products should be bought via LifeFuel due to the FuelPods that was amazing.

LifeFuel has bought out its first run of pre orders, but it’s presently getting orders because of its second-run. The 18-oz Wise Diet Container is available in four shades and is listed at $195, with LifeFuel targeting a broad launch in delayed 2016, according to Engadget.

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