Clear made a big splash when it was first introduced because the interface was a bold experiment in user interaction.

Instead of icons and buttons for functions, most of Clear’s interface relies on gestures, or sliding and pinching items to make things happen. It wasn’t for everyone, although it was a delight to tinker with. Clear 1.1 maintains that approach, while adding some new features. Clear won’t fit the bill for avid “to do” users, as there is still no sync, iPad version, etc. But I use Clear for simple “punch lists,” and for that it works great.

Here’s what’s new in Clear 1.1

o. Shake to Undo now allows you to quickly retrieve list items you may have accidentally removed.
o. No more character limit! Type as much as you want.
o. New themes to discover and further customize your lists with.
o. All-new UI for alerts that match Clear’s unique design.
o. Even more inspirational quotes to show when you’ve cleared everything from your lists.
o. Minor tweaks and bugfixes

TouchArcade has info on unlocking some other stuff, and a note about a few gamification aspects in the app you might not know about.

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