CloudFella for iOS manages your data in four of the significant cloud support services: Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, and Evernote. CloudFella offers you access to all of your documents throughout these support services, offers browsing, stats, local storage space, and a duplicate data finder. Regrettably, it is spoiled by a difficult interface and constant collisions. CloudFella needs iOS 7 or later, and costs US$ 1.99. It’s an universal application, yet is maximized for iPhone 5.

Cloudfella screenshot

Getting started is simple. After tapping on the large cloud (the only way to reach the “Link Cloud Solutions” screen) you touch on each service and accredit CloudFella to access your data. Once connected you have to download the information about your data by swiping right on each support service.

The item you swipe your finger throughout does not in fact move as it does in various other applications, however just begins downloading and install the data. If you swipe to the left by accident (as I did my initial time during) you unlink the account and need to begin over. There is no warning or verification. It simply occurs.

Downloading and install the files info went smoothly for three of my 4 accounts. Downloading data info from Dropbox led to a cascade of error dialog boxes. After clearing twenty of these dialogs, I force-quit the application and re-launched it. Dropbox appeared in my statistics on the dash despite the fact that the “Link Cloud Solutions” screen still showed it as not downloaded. Succeeding attempts to download the files info for Dropbox caused accidents. When I unlinked Dropbox, it still appeared in the dash.

The dash reveals you some statistics about your cloud accounts. Sadly, the primary pie graph could not handle the number of data I have and screens a graph with largely illegible numbers that are either cut off the left advantage of the screen or jumbled with each other. Other charts show file dimensions, last tweaked dates, and the number of documents and directory sites.

Cloudfella screenshot

CloudFella has a search feature that could browse all four services at the same time. This, for me, is surprisingly useful as I am a massive customer of both Dropbox and Evernote and being able to search both at the very same time would certainly be valuable to me.

Unfortunately, searching did not consistently function. When you carry out a search you need to click cancel to start a new search, which is non-standard and at first puzzling until you obtain utilized to it. More concerning is the reality that several of my search questions did not return data I know exist.

CloudFella allows you download apply for local storage and fast access. With the first PDF data I tried, it indicated that it was downloading the file. After a couple of minutes of this, I force quit the application once again (I can not touch on anything else) and re-launched it. The file showed up in the safe anyhow and I was able to open it and scroll via it.

Lastly, CloudFella supplies a duplicates feature that is expected to find duplicate data throughout all 4 solutions. There is little I could claim about it given that the app collapsed every single time I attempted to utilize it.

CloudFella has the potential to be a valuable tool for any person that manages greater than one big cloud account yet its non-standard technique to many standard features and weakness obstruct of its efficiency. As soon as the user interface and bugs are tidied up, it will be worth its US$ 1.99 price.

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