The Nexus schedule of devices has actually made a fan following of its very own, and appropriately so. The collection that started with Nexus One and proceeded right as much as Nexus 5 has consistently vowed a high quality pure Android experience throughout the years, sans any sort of supplier adjustments (or bloatware, as we’ve come to recognize it) or hold-ups in getting updates implemented by the OEMs.

It seems, however, that the line has actually ultimately ended, with Nexus task concerning to be discontinued. Fret not; it is being switched out by something larger and far better, which the insider sources assert to have been called Android Silver program.

The brand-new program will alter several points, with the largest one being the target market. Obviously, the devices that will be released under the Silver tag will certainly be totally high-end smartphones that will certainly run most recent Android models without being touched by OEM alterations. Not just that, however Google will certainly additionally invest heavily in advertising these tools through in-store and service provider partnerships, giving unique Google Android kiosks in particular locations to market the expensive handsets.

There are particular various other objectives for Google behind this move, also. The Hill View business is focuseding on streamlining the customer encounter around Android Silver devices, with elimination of additional software application and punctual software updates that aren’t manufacturer reliant.

The source also declares that LG and Motorola will certainly be the first ones to manufacture these Silver devices, while the remaining ones like HTC, Samsung and Sony Mobile may take a while longer. It shows up that the search giant is searching for a more granular degree of manage over what OEMs can do with its software program.

The move overall is an instead appealing one for multiple factors. It appears that Google has actually finally bewared of the truth that a plain 14 % of Android tools immediately are running the most up to date Android KitKat, whereas with Apple, its significant rival, also the four-year-old iPhone 4 got the iOS 7 upgrade, and in a rather usable format.

Nonetheless, at the very same time, the entire initiative is intended at the costly, first-rate gadgets, and the void that will certainly obtain produced in the mid-range market which the Nexus schedule presently occupies, will continue to be merely that – – a gap.

Does Google have a strategy? I presume we’ll figure out.

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