In front of the launch of the iPhone SE, there have been concerns about so just how carefully it’d mimic the iPhone 5s, but because it works out, both devices are nearly similar actually besides the flat chamfered sides about the iPhone SE.

Rumors indicating both devices could be near enough indesign to talk about cases were proper — current iPhone cases made to match an iPhone 5 or 5s will even match an iPhone SE.

Item results for iPhone 5 and 5s cases, display guards, and additional components on Apple’s online store have all been updated to notice their compatibility using the iPhone 5, 5s, and SE. Clients who are intending to buy an iPhone SE and used an iPhone 5s won’t probably have to buy fresh cases for that device.

The iPhone 5s continues to be stopped in support of the iPhone SE, and pricing about the new device begins at $399 for that 16GB design. Apple may start taking purchases for that iPhone SE on Friday, March 24, by having an official launch arriving on March 31.

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