Back in 2012, the initial version of Cycloramic introduced, making use of the vibration motor in the iPhone 5 to gather hands-free 360 degree video clip. When balanced on a level area, the vibration motor enabled the phone to rotate by itself, a capacity that likewise helped the iPhone 5s, as it shared the very same layout as the iPhone 5.

The iPhone 6, nonetheless, has rounded sides that protect against the Cycloramic application from operating in similarly– it’s not possible to balance the phone on its edge, permitting it to spin freely. The Cycloramic team has actually created a cutting-edge remedy to enable 360 hands-free breathtaking video on the iPhone 6, nevertheless, using the power adapter that the 2 phones ship with.

As demonstrated in the above video, when the iPhone 6 is put in between the prongs of the power adapter that it ships with, the vibration motor is solid sufficient to rotate it about, recording 360 level scenic videos in landscape mode.

Merely place your iPhone 6 on peak of your power adapter on a smooth and level area (granite, marble or timber workdesk) as well as it will instantly turns 360 degrees utilizing the phone’s internal resonance electric motor. As it turns, the phone takes several photos, immediately stitches them with each other, and also creates a scenic photo viewable in our immersive customer.

The hands-free video setting is limited to the iPhone 6, unfortunately, and does not function with the larger-screened iPhone 6 Plus. Other app features, including an assisted panorama mode as well as image modifying tools deal with other devices, consisting of the iPhone 6 Plus.

Cycloramic for iPhone 6 could be downloaded from the App Store for $$ 1.99. [Direct Link]

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