iOS arcade title Food from Pixowl takes the “gobble em up” gameplay of Pac-man and combines it with the difficult activity of Snake. Include some cute graphics and snappy songs and you have a mainly enjoyable arcade game for your iPhone and iPad.


In Food, you play as a grub worm with an enormous hunger. Your difficulty is to browse the rock-lined outdoors arena while you consume fruit and gather coins.

No gallery game is complete without an opponent and Grub is loadeded with awful yet adorable hedgehog-like beasts that can drain your life and inevitably kill you if you touch them. Eats could safeguard themselves, however, by capturing power-ups that equip their wormy physical bodies with spikes that destroy their bane on get in touch with.


The game functions turn controls that are calibrated prior to each level. I had no concern with the playback control and located it to be responsive on my iPhone 5s. Joystick control would certainly be wonderful as sometimes you need the granular control that only touching could give. Joysticks also provide your hands something to do while you play, which some gamers like over the a lot more passive tilt control.

Though the worm relocated where I desired it to go, the game does not make it easy to manage the eats in the greater degrees. There are puzzles, catches and various other challenges that could acquire in your means. The worm additionally grows longer with each fruit he eats up, so you have to specifically browse this growing sprite via more challenging terrain and ever increasing number of foes.


Due to the fact that you guide the head of the worm, you have no control over his lengthy tail, which can be testing to the point of stress as the head enters one direction and the tail flip-flops in an additional. It advises of the real-life encounter of pulling a trailer– it takes time to grasp the strategy of controlling the front end so the back end adheres to in unison.

Eats is a free application and has freemium functions, consisting of coins that you could gain via in-game achievements, acquire using an in-app purchase or get as an incentive for an activity such as viewing a promo video clip. Much to its detriment, the game additionally features an electricity device that restricts the amount of time you can play in one session.


Despite its limits, Grub is a pleasurable video game. The graphics are cutesy, the computer animation is smooth and the music is bouncy. The tilt controls are receptive, though it does take some practice to grasp the motion in the higher levels.

Eventually, Grub is free and worth a download to see if it is your kind of game. You have nothing to lose besides storage space, and you could discover a brand-new title that’ll load a few of your downtime with enjoyable. You can download Grub for your iPhone or iPad in the iOS App Store. It requires iOS 7.0 or later on.

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