Word Ahead is a brilliant word puzzle video game developed by Shane McCafferty and released by AppyNation. The app has a tip of Scrabble, however adds brand-new spin to the word spelling game.

Word Forward

Word Forward tests you to clear a 5 x 5 board of letter floor tiles by leading to words. Each letter costs a particular worth and these quantities are integrated when you lead to a word. Depending on the level, you begin with a certain variety of points, claim 500. As you mean words, their worth is subtracted from these factors. In this example, the game is done when you reduce the indicate 200. You get extra incentive points if you clear the whole board and get to zero factors.

The game is greater than a straightforward speller. There are modifiers that allow you to change your tiles on the gameboard. Modifiers feature the following:

  • SWAP any 2 letters on the grid using a SWAP TOKEN, made throughout gameplay.
  • SWITCH OUT a letter on the grid with a SPARE from your stock to make longer words.
  • JUMBLE the tiles on the grid to replace all the letters with new ones when all else falls short.
  • CHANGE the letter on a tile to other letter you select making use of the SWAP MODIFIER.
  • ELIMINATE persistent tiles with BOMBS when you can not make anymore words and need to push your score over the line.

You have a limited lot of modifiers each round and could acquire extra ones utilizing the piece rewards system in the video game. You earn coins for playing and could buy much more via an in-app acquisition.

Word Forward

The obstacle can be found in eliminating the letters in such a way that you are not left with standalone titles that are orphaned and no more useful. Modifiers walking stick be conserved in your strategy and could suffice to press your score below the succeeding mark.

WordForward is a thinking guy’s game that is difficult, yet not difficult. You can play individual rounds or play online versus various other GameCenter participants. The application is offered completely free with ads that appear after each round. There are in-app investments for coins, however you try not to need to acquire any sort of pieces to gain the video game.

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