It’s the way of things: Someone needs a dollar so they can hit up a vending machine. You spot a friend when they forget metro fare. You help a family member out when a utility is in danger of being cut off. Eventually all those dollars and cents add up, and you realize that a lot of people owe you money.

Cash Lender is designed to remind you (and those you owe you) about those outstanding debts. You can add people to the database, including with photo. When that person asks for 50 cents for a coffee, select that person, add the reason why and the due date, and your iPhone will give you a reminder to collect the debt owed.

You can also email a copy of the record to the person you lent money to so they can have a record as well. You can passcode the entries, sync with iCloud and more.

If you constantly lend money out but forget to get back what you’re owed, Cash Lender is a good app to try out. It’s $2.99 in the App Store.

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