You may remember Six to Start for its smash fitness app, Zombies, Run!. The app combines running with a narrated storyline that allows you to play the role of a survivor of the zombie apocalypse. The game studio, along with Naomi Alderman, is back with a follow-up thriller, The Walk, that tracks your steps and tells you a story as you walk.

In The Walk, you star as the survivor of an EMP explosion on a London train. You unwittingly end up holding a package that could save the world, but you need to get it out of the city. As you walk in real life, you will move about the city’s map avoiding police checkpoints and following the voice instructions from your faithful guide. Walking also unlocks additional audio clips and introduces you to collectibles on the map, both of which flesh out the rest of the story.

The Walk is less immersive than its Zombies, Run! counterpart, but equally compelling. Unlike Zombies, Run!, which talks to you throughout your run, The Walk is meant for you to go for a walk, pull out your phone to find some collectibles, unlock a few audio clips and then move on. It’s great for people who walk to work, walk on a campus or walk for pleasure and want some rewards for the time they spend on their feet. Just like Zombies, Run!, the storyline sucks you in and encourages you to walk, even if its just for a short jaunt.

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