Last week, Twitter celebrated its 8th birthday, and to mark the occasion, introduced a new device that allowed its 350 million+ customers to review the initial tweet they ever made. Now, one more tool called First Follower supplies a similar feature, although, as the name suggests, will instead assist you to locate the first account to follow you on the social network.

FirstFollower twitter

For me, it was Redmond Pie‘‘ s editor-in-chief Uzair Ghani who presented me to Twitter and consequently became my initial follower back in 2011, and ever since I haven’t recalled. Compared with those folks which’ve been using the website throughout of its existence, I ‘d still be taken into consideration a novice, but even in my 3 approximately years, I have actually viewed Twitter grow drastically.

The IPO, which occurred late last year, followed in the steps of Facebook, as well as though The Twitters doesn’t flaunt anywhere near the site visitor base of Mark Zuckerberg’s network, it’s still an indispensable component of our ever-expanding digital world.

The First Tweet application pressed out recently was an official effort from Twitter, but this follow-up tool, which operates in much the exact same way in that it is an Online service, allows you discover yours — — or anyone else’s – – initial fan on Twitter. Merely head over to the website, produced by SocialRank, key in the handle of the account you desire to studio, and you will, consequently, uncover its very first fan.

The search engine result will certainly additionally show you the profile picture of the initial fan, and also the number of tweets, followers and followed stats of that certain account.

Provide it a try on any type of Twitter account you such as by simply pasting this LINK: socialrank. co/firstfollower into your web browser.

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We assume it’s pretty awesome, and with Twitter itself and now SocialRank coming via with methods for users to find these fascinating statistics, let’s hope we see even more of these devices in the future.

Sure, Twitter is not understood for adding as well several functions to the service unless they’re deemed to be essential (or there’s a birthday celebration to commemorate), yet with very first follower and first tweet having now been covered, a First Followed utility would definitely finish the set, do not you concur?

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