When I viewed Celebrity Wars Journeys: The Phantom Hazard for sale on the App Store, I really did not think much of it. It bills itself as an interactive storybook, where you can experience the tale of Superstar Wars Episode 1 via lovely makings and an audio storyteller.

star wars journeys

But somewhat concealed in the app’s feature listing is a note that, hi there, you could play an podracing minigame, also.

For any person which reviews the launch of Celebrity Wars Episode 1 Racer with glee– which explains me perfectly– this is the app for you, also if it doesn’t seem in the beginning glance.

The storybook method, which you’ll have to endeavor via in order to obtain indicate unlock added Podracing options, is an enjoyable little surprise. Each scene is attracted enjoying detail with faux-3D impacts and various other hidden personality activities that are made it possible for by touching around the screen.

The story is significantly condensed and doesn’t take long to obtain via, yet it’s still an enjoyable method to experience the events of the film.

star wars journeys

But the moment you’re finished with that, the Podracing mode is what you have left, and it is an extremely superb time. It plays almost exactly like the original Celebrity Wars Racer title, featuring a total of 12 tracks (on Tatooine only, regrettably), a handful of racers with car variations, and an amazingly deep personalization device that enables changes to shade or even decal designs.

You can additionally tweak vehicle efficiency in a variety of means and keep a whole virtual garage area loadeded with high-powered Podracers for every single event.

You can compete in solitary races, an event method, time trials, and a more brutal knockout mode where the last spot racer is removed after each lap. Simply put, there’s a bunch to do right here and without any type of in-app purchases to stress over, it’s a rich auto racing experience from the very beginning.

star wars journeys

If you get Superstar Wars Journeys: The Phantom Trouble strictly for the storybook mode, you might locate your US$ 6.99 investment to be a little of a disappointment, if simply since it’s so quick. But if you have actually constantly imagined an iOS Podracing video game, this is indeed the one you’re seeking.

In all honesty, I ‘d have paid the asking price for the racing game on its own, so you can check out the storybook as a little of an increased incentive.

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