Donna got in the Application Establishment in the spring of last year. Since after that, the application that allows you handle your day has actually added lots of new attributes, corrected a few vermins along the road and done a great re-design for iOS 7. It’s additionally now free.

Donna could inform you when to leave for a conference, could call into teleconference, offer you the climate expectation for upcoming consultations and let individuals understand if you are running late. It knows when you perform the means without needing to input that information, and it offers daily summaries and summaries in the night for your tasks the following day.

With everything power, Donna is simple to operate. You do have to sign up for a free account. Preferred locations could be saved, and it syncs with your calendars consisting of Exchange, Google, Apple’s iCal and Yahoo. The application can provide driving or transportation and walking directions, and using Google Road View, it will certainly show you your destination.

I established the application up, and it checked my calendar and revealed me exactly what’s turning up. Some of my visits really did not have addresses, so I added those and conserved them as favorites.

The company has fully explained its privacy plan, and they pledge to keep your personal details personal and personal. The Donna servers do store very a bit of info regarding you, because that’s just what makes the app valuable. Certainly, this info could be gotten with a court order, like a bunch of other info that originates from your phone, so heads-up.

Donna is very beneficial. It’s intuitive to make use of and could actually help you take note of a hectic day. The app setups are granular, so you could choose what alerts you get or do not acquire, and how much of your area info is shared.

The features are comparable to Google Now on Android. Several of those functions were incorporated into the Google Search app on iOS, but Donna has a lot more comprehensive personal aide functions.

Having checked the application, I’ll keep using it considering that it puts a whole lot of features in one place. If you are seeking a brilliant digital personal aide that goes a little beyond just what Siri can do, (however without voice communication), offer Donna a shot.

The application requires iOS 7, and it’s maximized for the iPhone 5.

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