Digital delivery is very much the future of how we are going to get our games, and with PSN, Xbox LIVE, Steam and others going great guns, the days of having to wait for a little plastic disc to arrive in the post are thankfully coming to a close.

BF3 main

The lack of having to send anything trough the postal system allows companies to offer big discounts at times too, something that Steam has very much taken advantage of over the years.

Not to be outdone, EA has recently decided to bring the discount culture to its Origin store by launching the ‘On the House’ initiative. The system is a very simple one: take a popular game, or two if we’re really lucky, and offer them for the rather excellent price of FREE. The first title to be part of the offer was Dead Space, and this month it’s been replaced by two equally impressive titles.

If Dead Space didn’t tickle your shooter itch then you’ll be pleased to hear that the excellent Battlefield 3 is now free on Origin, with that being the case until June 3rd.

The game normally retails for $ 19.99, so that’s a very reasonable discount in anybody’s book. The game was superseded late last year when Battlefield 4 was released, but that doesn’t mean the 3rd installment turned into a bad game overnight. If you’ve got a PC to play the thing, then you’d be daft not to jump on this ASAP.

BF3 screenshot

Speaking of games you’ll want to jump on, Battlefield3 isn’t the only title on offer at the moment. The excellent Plats vs. Zombies is also on offer right now, again for free. Popcap’s delightful little strategy game is available for nothing until June 16th, so you’ve got a little more time to play with there.

BF3 free

The Origin offers are certainly ones to keep an eye on, especially if you’re looking to bolster your collection with some super games that may be a little longer in the tooth than todays’ blockbusters.

And you really can’t argue with anything that’s free!

Hit this link to download Battlefield 3 and Plants vs. Zombies for free!

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