Cops in Dubai have been testing out Google’s Glass in an effort to bosom those violating web traffic legislations and regulations.


Following a pilot scheme by the New York Cops Division in the United States, it’s not a surprise to see even more police making use of the innovations provided by Google’s head-mounted gadget, and evidently, Dubai’s police has currently made 2 custom-made application tailored to stopping traffic violators in their tracks.

One of the apps, baseding on a report over at Gulf News, makes use of Glass’ cam to take a snap of a suspect and upload the image to the necessary database, whilst a further application – – which also makes the most of the face computer’s in-built electronic camera – – detects wanted autos based on certificate plate information.

As with the NYPD’s test at a New york city shopping center, this is a test plan for the cops of Dubai, yet if all goes well, it could be rolled out additionally – – although this would likely only occur once Glass ends up being more largely readily available outside the limits of the United States.

Khalid Nasser Al Razooqi, that is the director of smart services of the Dubai Cops, noted that the department “may choose to release it and buy even more of it,” supplied that it “passes our screening criteria,” and provided exactly how it can catch suspects and registration plates with really minimal initiative, presumably most likely compared to not that Al Razooqi and the Dubai Cops will certainly planning to gain the perks.

Too the apps and equipment allowing authorities to collect on-the-spot proof in this manner, it is additionally hoped that the simple presence of a cam on the face of law enforcement will certainly aid to minimize the possibility of someone dedicating an unlawful act, and provided the instance established by the NYPD and the Dubai Police, do not be surprised to view your regional crime-fighting device test the credentials of Glass in the close to future.


Image Credit report: Gulf Information

Although still in beta, the Traveler Edition is no longer an invite-only event, and anyone going to pay the $ 1,500 asking cost could capitalize.

It remains to be viewed whether customers will take to the concept and also police and enterprise up until now have, but with Rochester Optical caring for prescribed lenses and Ray-Ban / Oakley including a baby cool aspect, there’s absolutely scope for this product to make a big impression on the end customer.

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