The Google Glass may be a niche product, both from the use and rate factor perspectives, yet it seems that this particular specific niche can not be satisfied by merely one competitor.

Smart Glasses

Or, a minimum of, that’s exactly what Epson seems to believe. The business that got well known via its remarkable printing products has announced the second-generation of its Google Glass rival– a wise glass christened Moverio BT-200, which can do basically everything that Google carries offer and additional, for a considerably lower rate point.

The Moverio, which will certainly cost $ 699.99, is primarily an augmented truth eyewear that will certainly make it much easier for its customers (which are ideally the same crowd that Google Glass was aimed at) to blend the real life with the digital one.

The device is equipped with a front-facing video camera, GPS chip and sensing units such as accelerometer, gyroscope and various other to make it possible for recording of individual movement data. The AR images are overlaid the Moverio’s lenses using 2 micro projectors on both sides of the lenses.

It’s noteworthy that Moverio isn’t really a standalone device; it requires to be partnered up with a different mobile-like system for working, which then runs Android 4.0 Gelato Sandwich.

The controller unit, nonetheless, is primarily focuseded on navigating around the Moverio’s UI, and not actually an useful item of hardware itself. Given that Moverio BT-200 is furnished with WiFi and Bluetooth connection methods, it could be hooked up with a mobile phone or tablet computer.

Epson Smart Glasses 2

A raw distinction from the initial generation model from Epson is the reality that Moverio could not be installed atop any type of eyewear, which was a prime function of the initial generation device. This has actually permitted Epson to reduce the overall heft of the hardware, although demanding the requirement for an extra acquisition should you decide to go that means.

Epson Smart Glasses

The most effective part of the entire deal is that Moverio is readily available to buy right now, without any sort of wait duration mandated. The device, although similar to Google Glass, can not be regarded as a rival for everyone. It could discover love from a niche within the specific niche that likes such costly hardware.

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