Evidence emerges refuting Dash developer’s claim fraudulent account was not his

There was considerable speculation about what was going on when Apple pulled the popular developer app Dash from the App Store and terminated the account. The developer, Kapeli, claimed to have no idea what had led to the action, with Apple subsequently explaining that it had detected more than 1,000 fraudulent reviews on a linked account. The accounts appear to be linked by credit card, device and developer ID.

Kapeli continued to proclaim its innocence, stating that the account and device were used by an unspecified ‘relative’ and that they had done nothing wrong. A post to the MacRumors forum now casts doubt on this, proving that the linked account contains apps which were originally promoted on Kapeli’s own website and in its own Twitter feed.

So 5 or 6 years ago, this guy named Bogdan Popescu starts a company called Kapeli and writes a bunch of Shovelware. Puts out a bunch of PR for crap like MoveAddict.

All of this is featured on his website, kapeli.com [archived link]. There in the header…moveAddict, iGuard…and something called ‘Dash’.

Even his old Twitter posts confirm this.

It was these old apps which Apple says were promoted with fake reviews.

Another forum user chipped in with further evidence that the apps were owned by Popescu.

You’ll see all the apps ‘being sold’ by Mihaela. Let’s pick one – say ‘File View’ […] Select the next image. We can examine the image and see the file owner is a user called ‘bogdan’. This would indicate that when these screenshots were taken, a user called ‘bogdan’ owned files on that mac and created this file on this date (creation date).

Kapeli posted an audio recording of a call in which an Apple representative can be heard repeatedly explaining that the company has evidence that the two accounts were linked, and that if the developer wrote a blog post acknowledging that fact, the account would be reinstated. Kapeli has so far declined to do so.

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