Modding the iPhone and iPad belongs to the appeal of jailbreaking. Actually, it’s arguably the most significant factor that people require to jailbreaking their iOS devices, and with folks evidently desperate to stamp their uniqueness on their individual innovation, Apple’s tools seem to bring in some of the most creative individuals around.

Together, those individuals are the kind of individuals that struggle over font styles. We’re visiting count ourselves in that group of people as well, since there’s absolutely nothing that grinds our bones greater than an app with a font that resembles it was based on a 2 year-old’s illustrations with a blunt marker pen. Or a crayon with the end bitten off. Your option, really.

BytaFont 2 header

Fortunately, jailbreakers aren’t usually except option when it concerns finding means to transform font styles on phones and iPads. Now they could include BytaFont 2 to their collection, after the well-liked BytaFont was replaced by a new, iOS 7-friendly version that promises to make it simple for people to alter typefaces with merely a few water faucets of an iOS screen.

BytaFont is planned to be an easy-to-use application to alter font on iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad (jailbreak needed) in couple of faucets.

BytaFont 2 screenshots

It’s the ‘‘ few taps’ component that should perhaps be underscored, due to the fact that it’s the simplicity with which fonts could be changed that establishes BytaFont 2 from the choices that stay in the jailbroken app establishment that is Cydia. Set up font styles can be utilized effortlessly, and new fonts could be installed using the appropriate part of Cydia. It is worth noting nonetheless that typefaces will certainly should be produced with iOS 7 in thoughts, so older font styles discovered on Cydia won’t be compatible with BytaFont 2.

BytaFont 2 repo

We’ve not informed you concerning the most effective function of BytaFont 2 yet either have we? Well, it’s available to download from the ModMyi repo immediately, however a lot of importantly it’s completely complimentary to anybody that intends to download it. If you’ve had a hankering for a particular font on your iOS 7 tool of overdue and didn’t know the best ways to alter it, then you might wish to look into BytaFont 2 before you install anything else.

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