With as much modern technology invasion as we have in our daily lives today, it becomes fairly a challenge to really shield as well as preserve your privacy and information safety.

Android Wifi

It’s not just the fundamental danger with technology as well as software program bugs, either; we voluntarily subject our personal identification details to a variety of social events in order to use their solutions.

Take the latest revelation, for circumstances, where it has been learnt that an Android phone that has its screen shut off as well as is linked to Wi-Fi network, could actually be actively searching the user’s area history to anybody that wants listening.

This place history basically comes in the form of the names of all those cordless networks that your gadget has actually recently linked to. Externally, that might not seem like the most significant issue, yet this is potentially much more risky than any sort of encrypted information leakages that you may have come across earlier, simply because by doing this, your phone is transmitting where you have actually been in easy, human understandable terms. It can distribute the names of your good friends, your work environment, your spiritual associations, travel locations and a whole lot additional to a possible burglar. Just what’s even worse is that despite the fact that some network names may not make a whole lot of feeling externally, it’s pretty simple to pin-point their specific place on the world through some simple methods.

The intriguing little bit is, this was never deliberate. Google never ever meant for this to take place in Android, and also as a matter of fact, this actions became as component of a brand-new Preferred Network Offload protocol presented with Android 3.1 Honeycomb, which generally assists the gadget hook up to understood networks quicker. There has actually been no exploitation of this hack in the last 3 years in this fashion (at least, none that the space understands of), and also Google has accepted take care of that on top priority.

While it could take some while just before Google’s long-term solution makes it to Android downstream, below’s what you could do at existing to stop any individual from eavesdroping on your Wi-Fi network record.

Step 1: On your Android gadget, visit Wi-Fi setups.

Step 2: Navigate to Advanced Wi-Fi Settings and alter the habits for “Keeping Wi-Fi on during sleep” to “Never“.


These two straightforward actions will make sure that when your gadget enters deep rest, the Wi-Fi radio is silenced, efficiently prohibiting it from informing anyone where you’ve been.

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