In another attempt to attempt and reduce the effects of the Snapchat threat, Facebook has today launched a brand-new standalone app that it hopes will certainly keep people far from the competitors and strongly ensconced in its own environment.

Slingshot main

Strangely named Slingshot, the application intends to make the ‘‘ slinging’ of messages a point that all of us do, also if the vernacular does appear rather forced.

Slingshot takes lots of signs from Snapchat while likewise trying to stay away from some of the risks that left its Poke app dead in the water. Poke was lately unceremoniously pulled from the App Store after its adoption was rather much less than stellar, and Slingshot is Facebook’s following attempt at messaging.

The core performance is actually really much like the Snapchat that Facebook is trying to ape. Messages are sent out and received and will certainly additionally be instantly damaged upon viewing. The basic difference nevertheless is an intriguing one. In order to see messages that they get, customers will first have to also discuss something with the individual that simply sent out something to them. It’s a scheme that seems directly aimed at trying to make Slingshot remove much more swiftly, a minimum of as far as the number of provided messages is concerned, and an appealing technician. We cannot help however assume it might expand aged rather rapidly, though.

Slingshot 1

Slingshot is the work of Facebook’s Creative Labs skunkworks group. That coincides group of people that put the well-liked Paper app with each other, so you’ll not be surprised to discover that Slingshot is a handsome app undoubtedly. With Slingshot and Paper now out the door, we can only hope that the actual Facebook app will certainly additionally get a lick of paint.


The ephemeral messaging space is one that seems to be increasing, and with Snapchat presently successful, Facebook will certainly be hoping that Slingshot could comprise some ground, and quickly. If folks are sending messages via Snapchat due to their suicidal capacities, are they actually likely to trust them to Facebook?

The numbers will have the response to that question quickly enough.

Slingshot for iPhone can be downloaded from the link here, while the Android model of the application will be readily available later on today. Keeping checking sling. me/download for download information.

(Download: Slingshot for iPhone on the App Store)

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