The FCC today launched a new ad-free FCC Speed Examination app for iOS devices, made to gauge mobile broadband efficiency. The app is an expansion of the Measuring Broadband America program, which aims to gauge both repaired and mobile broadband to “bring better clarity and competition to the broadband solution marketplace.”


Like other mobile speed testing applications, the FCC’s app assesses mobile broadband efficiency (both Wi-Fi and mobile) and shows a failure of download and upload rate, latency, and packet loss. It also keeps a historical record of mobile speeds for comparison of performance with time.

The FCC is using data collected from the app to construction an aggregated chart of mobile broadband efficiency across the nation, yet it does not accumulate personally identifying information besides carrier, country code, and GPS place.

Personal privacy is extremely important. The FCC has taken considerable steps to ensure the personal privacy and confidentiality of volunteers for this program. Using personal privacy steps created and examined by a varied team of privacy specialists, any sort of information that can possibly recognize certain mobile phones is assessed and refined to guarantee privacy defense.

The FCC recently released an FCC Rate Examination application for Android back in November and has published a number of records on broadband performance as part of Gauging Broadband The united state.

FCC Rate Examination can be downloaded and install from the App Store completely free. [Direct Link]

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