Feature Request Roundup: iOS 10, Siri for Mac (OS-X 10.12), Apple Watch 2 update plan, Apple Audio & more

In our regular Feature Request series, 9to5Mac authors offer their opinion on how to improve popular hardware or software products. Since we started the feature back in November of last year, the majority of installments in the series have focused on Apple’s own software and hardware, including a number of ways the company can improve its current iOS and Mac OS X software as well as possibilities for upcoming iOS 10 and Mac OS X 10.12 releases.

And some of the other Feature Requests we’ve published included the new Apple TV, the upcoming next-generation Apple Watch 2, Apple Music, iCloud, and more. Below we’ve compiled a hub for the series giving you an easy way to stay up to date and hopefully some hints at what to expect at WWDC this year and other upcoming Apple product launches…

iOS 10 |

For iOS, especially considering possibilities for new features in the upcoming iOS 10 release expected later this year, we explored how Apple could improve its built-in apps with iOS 10, including giving Siri more access to third-party apps, possible enhancements for Do Not Disturb and VIP features, and optimizations and other features for Apple’s stock apps and security features…

  • How Apple could improve its built-in apps with iOS 10
  • How Apple could enhance Do Not Disturb and VIP to better control notifications
  • Require Touch ID/passcode to power-off an iOS device so thieves can be tracked
  • Give Siri access to third-party apps, and (in time) much more
  • Logic Pro for iPad (Pro)
  • How Apple can better optimize iOS for iPad Pro
  • The top 10 Android features Apple’s iOS 10 should steal
  • Apple’s Calendar should borrow the personal goals feature Google just released


Mac OS X |

For Mac, Greg explored the need for quick photo sharing access in Messages for Mac like what already exists on iOS, and Benjamin detailed possibilities for Siri on the Mac, a feature Mark reported in January is currently in the works for Mac OS X 10.12 this fall.

  • Messages for Mac needs quick photo sharing access like iOS
  • Apple, please bring Siri to the Mac
Tom Koszyk's Apple Music Redesign

Tom Koszyk’s <a href=”https://medium.com/product-design-ux-ui/apple-music-redesign-the-complete-desktop-experience-b95bbe90bf70#.7chbohcxc”>Apple Music Redesign</a>

Apple Music |

Apple Music has a lot of potential to be one of the best music streaming services around, but the consensus seems to be Apple needs to do some major UI overhauling to simplify the service while adding some missing features that could help it do so. Collaborative streaming radio stations & playlists, improvements to Apple Music inside of iTunes on the Mac, and ways Apple could better exploit exclusive content on the service’s Connect artist profile pages.

  • Apple Music needs collaborative streaming radio stations & playlists
  • How I hope the upcoming iTunes refresh improves Apple Music and more
  • 7 ways Apple Music Connect could be improved to prevent it from being the next Ping
  • Latest Apple Music ‘For You’ playlists auto-downloaded, and an official lyrics feature

iCloud |

And lastly, iCloud, Apple TV, and Apple Watch 2. This is just the tip of the iceberg for iCloud– and we have many more feature requests planned– but what we’d really like from iCloud is overall more stability and less downtime. For the series, we took a look at the need for a purge downloads button à la Google Photos, as well as navigating some of the limitations of Family Sharing.

  • iCloud Photo Library needs a purge downloads button à la Google Photos
  • Family Sharing w/ individual payments, shared iCloud storage upgrades, more

Apple TV 4 Jailbreak Pangu 1.0

Apple TV |

tvOS is still relatively new following the release of the fourth-generation Apple TV, but we highlighted how adding a few new features to improve universal search on the platform could really improve things quickly.

  • Apple TV 4 needs a way to watch TV shows from multiple sources in one universal app
  • Apple TV dictation in search fields for all apps

Apple Watch 2 |

Finally, Zac hopes for an Apple Watch 2 Upgrade Program, even though he’ll inevitably upgrade to a newer model this fall:

  • It’s time for an official Apple Watch 2 Upgrade Program

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