Regardless of Steve Jobs’ dislike of styluses as pointing and creating gadgets for smartphones and tablets, a whole lot of folks discover the pointy stays with be a requirement for precision.

Felix StretchWrite turns any pen or pencil into a stylus

But there are still some issues with styluses– they’re often a lot more expensive than they need to be, and it’s tough to discover one that will certainly make everybody delighted in regards to how it really feels in the hand. The Felix StretchWrite bands (US$ 9.99 for two) adds stylus capability to any pen or pencil, indicating you can transform your preferred writing tool into a stylus.

To go a suggestion of exactly how the StretchWrite functions, consider taking a large elastic band and stretching it over the point and eraser on a pencil.

Now, consider that elastic band a capacitive nub on one end and a hole on the various other (for the pencil or pen tip), include some grippy bumps to the area, and you have a StretchWrite. They come in packs of two– either red and gray or pink and blue– so you can have 2 styluses for about half the price of a solitary low-cost stylus from other suppliers.

Testing the StretchWrites, I snatched a stack of pens and a sharpened pencil, and tried a StretchWrite on each of ’em. Affordable throwaway pen I chose up at a Macworld display? Worked great. A Sharpie? Worked well with the cap still on, although the “tip” end was a bit squishy. Very same with a large, comfy pen that I acquired from a vendor. Just what I discovered is that StretchWrite works ideal on the actually cheap stick-type pens– think BIC pens– and on pencils.

Felix StretchWrite on a pen on an iPad Air

At $ 10 for two, you won’t need to bother with shedding one (or both) of these. You’ll likewise have instant access to either a pen or pencil by turning your “stylus”, which is rather convenient as well. Throw ’em into a backpack pocket together with pens and pencils, and you have the ideal spur-of-the-moment light in weight stylus.

While StretchWrite doesn’t give the very same sense or accuracy as a “expert” stylus pen, it’s perfect for pupils and should certainly be a back-to-school requirement for iPad-toting pupils.

Score: 3 superstars from 4 celebrities feasible

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