Naughty Kitties screenshots

Naughty Kitties is an action-strategy game that combines 2 of every person’s favored points: kittycats and high-powered tools. As the player, you and your felines have to keep your spaceship– yes, spaceship– active as it travels along the skies and removes alien opponents.

Your ship can be defended both by its built-in tools and your kitties, which can be set down on specials areas of the boat. Each feline carries out a various task– from firing on adversary ships with rifles or led rockets, to repairing your own vessel after it’s been hit– and each could only do their obligations for a brief amount of time just before requiring a break.

The game swiftly becomes a focus on resource administration as you replace offensive and defensive possessions on your ship and trigger your large major weapon at particular intervals. It’s a mix of tower protection and real-time approach, and handles to feel fresh and various even with familiar motifs.

Naughty Kitties screenshots

There are a couple of various game situations to deal with and a host of offending and defensive felines to unlock, in addition to upgrades for each and every. It’s a really deep game, which you could not presume offered its incredibly attractive animation and overall aesthetic.

The game does succumb a little bit of the “pay to succeed” mentality with different in-game currency and things readily available for acquisition with real-world cash. I located it very enjoyable to play without spending a cent, however it’s clear that dropping a couple of dollars will make you much more highly effective promptly.

Naughty Kitties is free, as well as if you just play it a couple of times, it costs a download. If you’re prepared to toss a couple of dollars in, you’ll find the game to be a smidgen much easier, yet it’s absolutely not called for.

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