Before I dare utter another word, I ‘d like to make it known that when it involves the battle of the mobile ecosystems, I’m totally objective. I love iOS, iPhone, and Apple items typically, however there’s something concerning Android, particularly Android smartphones, that constantly has me teasing with the similarity HTC One, to name a few. There’s no question, at the very least, to my thoughts, that Tim Cook and his group have pushed a crucial piece of software application in iOS 8, including a variety of functions that numerous have actually time out of mind craved, however there are still some functions that I truly miss out on whenever I’m using an iPhone.

Android features main

I’m sure I’ll acquire some misuse for this; I’ve been called a prejudiced, rotten rascal fanboy (insert expletive here) lots of a time by the fantastic spirits that put in the time out to email me, so I can handle it, and hey, if you do have a point of view on this concern, you could drop me a mail or just leave your thoughts in the comments.

Right, without further trouble, allow me swiftly write my leading 5 most enjoyed Android mobile phone attributes, which, depending upon exactly how you look at it, could possibly additionally be gotten as my five significant gripes with the iPhone.

1. Physical Back and Menu Buttons


When I first got my HTC One M7 in 2012 – – you may bear in mind, I made a little bit of an aspect of it during those very first few weeks – – it did take me a while to get utilized to having the back button, which was positioned conveniently within thumb’s reach as opposed to in the top-left corner á la iOS. Now, I’m a devoted follower of this system, which makes a little bit more feeling in terms of day-to-day functionality.

The counter argument, certainly, is that the iPhone 6 usages almost every millimeter of the face for the display screen, but Apple need not actually position physical buttons on the device itself.

Instead, such a feature can be coded into iOS, providing users with the alternative of a few action keys along all-time low, and although I’m possibly grasping at straws in really hoping that such an attribute will certainly be included whenever quickly, it’s one that I truly think would certainly improve the iPhone encounter typically.

2. A Notification Light

android notification light

On my old extra phone, an un-namable LG with usually awful performance thanks to its absence of processing power, one quirk I always valued was the multicolored alert light. If somebody pinged me a message, I could set it as green for, state, WhatsApp, blue for Facebook messages, and red for those rarest of Google+ notices. At a glance, I ‘d know which app the incoming message was originating from, and hence, have an obscure suggestion of its importance.

A refined light around the Touch ID button would be an ideal location for such a feature, and with a certain degree of “awesome” element, is a conceivable upgrade for a future generation of iPhone.

3. Custom Launchers

launcher android

Among things that truly upsets me about Android is that, depending upon your device, maker or design, you could be met a completely various encounter from smartphone to mobile. Yet a fast journey to the Play Store and one download of Smart Launcher later, and I’m back on my feet – – appreciating a mobile encounter that I directly locate much more comfortable, fluid, and suited to my requirements compared to stock Android, iOS, or perhaps Windows Phone.

Apple’s home screen has actually come to be renowned, and if personalized launchers entered play, it ‘d lose a little bit of its identity. Keeping that claimed, it would be epic if we can change iOS right into something better fulfilling to our individual demands, and therefore, I hold out quite ambitious hope that this will certainly take place in a future upgrade.

4. App Management

app management

When you slip through to Settings on Android and look into your apps, you have a lot more territory over your arrangement than you could dream of on iOS. You can easily get rid of an app, clear information, and significantly, take care of defaults, meaning that if you do intend to use Firefox, state, as opposed to Chrome, Google isn’t going to acquire upset by it.

The app administration benefits on Android only really hit house just recently, when Google turned out a new Materially-Designed Messages application to replace the indigenous Hangouts and Messages. After using, of program, my personalized launcher to conceal those aforementioned energies, I promptly set Messenger as the default, and because then, I have actually all yet failed to remember that those applications I don’t use also exist. If I had such powers on iOS and iPhone, it’s fair to claim that I ‘d have much less reservations about making use of one as my daily runner.

5. MicroSD slot

Android micro sd

Yep, sure, this is a little bit of a negative one, and the kind of tip that will certainly never ever come true, but as idealistic maybe, I ‘d love the flexibility of detachable storage.

I recognize complete well that Apple’s long-standing values of supplying simply on-board storage space is a testament to iOS’s seamlessness, yet with high grade flash storage offered so cheaply nowadays, it would certainly be wonderful from both an expansion-of-storage and a convenience element.

With a 128GB model iPhone 6/ 6 Plus now here, there’s constantly that, however with the cost of the most expensive iPhone 6 Plus running you hazardously near the $ 1,000 mark, those in search of breathing space are paying one hell of a premium for the opportunity of doing this.

So, those are my five most taken pleasure in features of Android that I miss out on whenever I’m utilizing an iPhone. I could have taken place – – numerous users and split-screen multitasking, to name yet a couple – – nonetheless these are the major areas that affect me on a personal level.

As I claimed in the past, I would certainly love to hear your feedback, and indeed, in order to keep factors reasonable, I’ll also be making a comparable write-up on a few functions that iOS users could properly laud over Droidsters too, so remain tuned for that!

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