Flappy Bird developer Dong Nguyen is prepping to introduce a brand-new iOS game in the close to future, called Swing Copters. Previewed specifically by our sister site TouchArcade, Swing Copters embraces the ultra tough Flappy Bird-style gameplay, including new mechanics and a fresh skin.

In Swing Copters, gamers are assigneded with browsing systems with turning hammers while climbing up up-wards in the direction of the sky, a variance from the initial side-scrolling gameplay in Flappy Bird. Baseding on TouchArcade editor-in-chief Eli Hodapp, Swing Copters emulates the “another shot” gameplay of Flappy Bird while being even a lot more “brutally hard.”


That 5 factor run that I busted out at the beginning? That’s the most effective I have actually doinged this far, and that two minutes worth of video clip is generally my magnum piece since this writing. Swing Helicopters is hard. Simply obtaining through the entrances themselves would be difficult sufficient, but adding in the turning hammer things here them is just ridiculous, especially as you’re desperately attempting to manage your guy as he hugely turns from one direction to the various other.

… Yet, like Flappy Bird, I love it. It seems like it’s got all the same high qualities that made Flappy Bird so sticky for me. When you view even the littlest little bit of success in the game, you can not help yet play once more, and again, and again, always attempting to (in my case, anyhow) top that remarkable five point trip.

Back in March, Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen promised that the once well-liked video game that spawned hundreds of duplicates would certainly return to the App Store in August. It is vague whether Swing Copters is Nguyen’s replacement for Flappy Bird or if Flappy Bird will likewise go back to the App Store at some factor.

Flappy Bird‘s extraordinary success in very early 2014 triggered Nguyen to take the video game from the App Store in February, after the interest and media demands came to be overwhelming.

At the elevation of its appeal, Flappy Bird was creating upwards of $$ 50,000 every day. Nguyen also showed worry over the response he was receiving from moms and dads and kids, causing him to believe the video game was simply also addictive. One female apparently informed him he was “sidetracking the children of the world.”

Nguyen has actually claimed that he would certainly ensure that any kind of future variation of Flappy Bird would be “much less addicting.” He also recommended it would certainly include multiplayer gameplay, but Swing Copters does not show up to include multiplayer capacities currently.

Swing Helicopters is readied to be launched this Thursday, August 21. The game will certainly be a free download with a $$ 0.99 in-app purchase to take out ads.

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