On February 9 of this year Dong Nguyen, the creator of Flappy Bird, took his hugely addicting bird flapping video game off of the iOS store mentioning worries that players were as well addicted to the title. A flood of imitators promptly took its location, leaving abusers with lots of some options to fill their necessity. The marketplace is a rough mistress for abusers looking for their following flappy repair.
However there is excellent news for those Flappy loyalists which merely desire the genuine thing. Nguyen seems to have have had a change of mind, telling a twitter follower today that he will be bringing the game back to the App Store. At some point, yet “not quickly.”
It’s unfortunate that we’re visiting need to await the coming return of Flappy Bird, yet since the video game was upgraded simply days before it was pulled from the store it’s obvious that Nguyen has a vision for a stronger Flappy Bird. Right here’s what we want to see in come with the return of Flappy Bird.
Improved difficulty
Hear me out. As somebody who has actually hardly managed to obtain past twenty pipes I recognize why including this option will not appeal to some readers. But this isn’t really concerning you. It’s concerning the ridiculous, cocky folks who have Flapped their way to scores in the hundreds. These beasts have to be taken down a peg. We wish to view the introduction of power lines, mad old men with BB guns, magic fireballs, or any other form of enhanced difficulty to clean the smug smile off the face of conceited “Birders.”
More levels, all still with pipelines
Part of the charm of Flappy Bird is its simpleness. That shouldn’t change, yet it would be nice to have a few brand-new degrees every so often. Right just before the video game was taken offline Nguyen added an evening time degree and even more bird colors. We humbly propose a level that happens throughout a rainfall storm, perhaps adding the should double Flap. However whether these degrees take us with a surging hurricane or with room or to an alternative measurement where the air is made from passion there is one steady that should remain. Pipes. The true adversary of the Flappy Bird; reenforced steel. It belongs to the video game’s habit forming and strange beauty. We came for the bird. We stay given that we love/hate the water pipes.
Energy ups that are ineffective and induce you to pass away instantly
Part of the appeal of Flappy Bird is its happy simplicity. The secret to the video game is tranquil and preparing, leaving gamers hopeless for power ups to wind them with the game flustered. We recommend offering this players power ups, yet making it so the power ups promptly and graphically eliminate the player. Folks are already rave stopping the game given that they can not find out the best ways to obtain in the groove.
Giving these gamers a “rocket pack” power up that promptly blasts them into the closest wall and specific death is just the type of strange philosophical quirk that we would certainly such as to view in a Flappy Bird power up. Penalize the gamers that reject to learn the video game’s techniques, while making everyone else laugh, and just await the YouTube video clips ahead turning in.
A dark gritty story
Flappy Bird is currently an existential story of horror. A lone bird invests eternity trying to maneuver with a never ending series of tunnels. No issue how hard the bird works fatality is the only surety. There is no reward, just flappy. Millions of people are playing out a candy colored variation of the story of Sisyphus each and every day. So why not include a little back story? Tell me just how this Flappy Bird entered this fiendish hellscape of an existence.Added points if you do this by linking the game belong a major motion photo like Darren Aronofsky’s upcoming Noah. Possibly the bird is attempting its finest to make it to the sailing prior to the world dies. Fatality is currently all we find out about Flappy Bird’s community. How approximately giving death some gravitas?

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