The roll out of the Galaxy Note 4 has been brought onward by Samsung in a rather hurried attempt to contend with the unforeseen popularity of Apple’s 2 new apples iphone, but in its haste, the Korean attire might have launched some units with a fairly substantial layout concern. As the Tizen maker’s Cupertino rival aims to recuperate from the Bendgate concern, it has actually arised that some Note 4 users have uncovered fairly a huge gap between the screen and also the external structure – – considerable sufficient to match a calling card or a number of sheets of paper – – and also provided the asking price of the most recent installation to the well-known phablet series, it’s not exactly the type of build quality that said customers would’ve expected.

Just like Bendgate, it does show up that the count of those affected is minimal, although with Samsung having simply shifted 30,000 devices therefore much – – the amount total amount if its early stock – – it’s the sort of problem that might overflow right into yet even more “-entrance” fanfare if it influences enough individuals. Offered that the Note 4 has yet to launch Stateside, however, it’s something that Sammy must manage to cut short just before the release really kicks right into gear, as well as with the business having been simply also suiting in its objection of Apple and Bendgate, it would absolutely intend to stay clear of having egg on its face from a similar launch incident.


Let’s admit it, all tech products – – software program as well as equipment based – – will run into a concern at one point or one more. The issue is, if said product has actually only just introduced, hysteria seems to hold, and also as we’ve seen with Bendgate, the real variety of mentioned complaints to Apple compared to how lots of devices were marketed showed that it was just a storm in a teacup.

Galaxy Note 4 gapgate

The space concern with the Galaxy Note 4, which appears to have impacted much less than a handful of customers, is absolutely not yet calling for of the Gapgate tag, although sinced it has appeared so early on as well as just before the “main” launch, it’s most likely that those choosing up the brand new phablet will be paying an added little focus on the location in between display and also frame.

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