There are currently a lot of tower defense games on the Application Store. There are terrific ones, great ones, ALRIGHT ones, and bad ones, and there are lots of each group. Castle Doombad– the most recent from the constantly solid Grownup Swim Games– shows it is worthy of to exist 2 factors: First, as opposed to taking on the familiar top-down viewpoint that a lot of tower protection games use, it exists in a 2 dimensional castle with multiple floors going up. And second, you play as the bad guy. Spectacular.

Each level of Castle Doombad focuses on a caught princess, and it depends on you to make certain she stays captive. She generates “howls” at normal periods which function as in-game currency to acquire traps and obstacles. You put these barriers wherever you think they’ll most effectively be able to hold off the heroes that are attempting to save the damsel. These mechanics are the exact same as many games in the genre, yet they exist in a fresh and enjoyable method.

The 2D attributes of the intensities provides one-of-a-kind difficulties as well, such as heroes which make use of ladders to bypass whole floors of your castle. Don’t anticipate to pack the very first flooring of your citadel with catches and relax; you’ll require to construct catches and generate minions virtually all over to guarantee the princess continues to be under lock and key.

There’s a shocking length of depth to the game, and you could check out various techniques to see which works the very best for you. For instance, occasionally it’s finest to shoot each hero as they enter your castle, while other times it pays off to place a barrier and create up a huge team of them prior to eliminating the crowd with a solitary trap. Despite your technique, it’s rather satisfying to see the very small knights and various other saviors satisfy their collapse at your hand.

Adult Swim Games strikes an additional crowning achievement with Castle Doombad, and whether you’re new to the tower protection category or a seasoned pro, it’s most definitely worth the US$ 2.99 cost of entrance. You do not obtain lots of possibilities to play as the bad guy nowadays, and even rarer is it this much fun.

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