Samsung’s product assortment is omnipresent, and when it pertains to the mobile sector, the South Oriental outfit has actually confirmed consistently that it is assured to practice and, if essential, hit every corner of every market going. The sheer number of smartphones it currently carries sale only underscores this point, but with the phablet market locked down with the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Gear making sure a smartwatch entry, the business could now be turning its focus on Google’s Glass. As The Korea Age Records, Samsung is evidently prepping its very own taste of face pc, and all can be disclosed as quickly as IFA in September.

Galaxy Glass mockup

Although we have actually not actually heard much through records when it come to any kind of prospective smartglass undertaking from Samsung, it was consistently visiting be unavoidable that eventually, the company would begin establishing its own version. The Korea Moments has actually been in call with Samsung officials which have actually evidently conceded that such a product is in development, and Berlin’s IFA exhibition might well play host to the marvelous unveiling.

Although, at this point, presumably simply organic to call the Samsung smartglass as “”Galaxy Glass,” “if we’re being honest, it’s greatly extremely unlikely to be called anything else if and when it is disclosed for the very first time. The company seems quite taken with this particular name for smartphones, tablets and smartwatches, so it would just be natural that the initial face-worn gadget from the Seoul-based producer need to be managed in a comparable manner.

One of the sourced Samsung authorities likewise made a fascinating factor about wearable technician generally, mentioning that:

wearable devices can’t produce revenues promptly. Stable launches of tools are revealing our firm commitment as a leader in brand-new markets.

This is absolutely true to a level, yet it does not cover the truth that the Galaxy Gear has actually been an all-round disappointment. Poor functionality and high rates have seen the gadget classified a gimmick by some, and while, yes, there is some element to just what the Samsung official has actually mentioned, it has to likewise be kept in mind that the Stone, with its brand-new app store and renovations, is probably the one revealing “”firm commitment” “as a brand-new market leader.

When it comes to the Galaxy Glass, it would certainly function similarly to Google’s, coupling to a smartphone for songs playback, notifications, and so on. Essentially, from what we can amass from the report, this will quite be Samsung’s Galaxy Tab to Google’s Nexus 7.

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