Despite having Google Glass enduring something of a Public Relations crisis over the last few months, there’s slightly uncertainty that the technology is still some of the coolest about. While we have to admit to not making certain where the suggestion of wearable modern technology will certainly take us in the coming years, Google should be given credit for being at the leading edge of what is feasible today.

Since today, three new Glass wares applications are offered for those walking around wearing their innovation on their head, with TripIt, Foursquare and OpenTable now readily available for the tool. Google took to its Google+ page to make the statement, with the unpreventable annual vacations individuals are taking going to the facility of the recently released apps.

Several of the most interesting experiences that our Travelers have actually shared with us are from their trips with Glass. Glass has come to be a favored fellow traveler considering that it assists you appreciate your holiday without obtaining shed in your innovation, and now we have new Glass wares that will certainly proceed to aid you find and check out easily.

The brand-new apps will certainly enable folks to check-in when they check out brand-new areas, locate bistros to dining at and examine their airport entrances right from Glass without ever requiring to take out their mobile phone.

It’s having real, tangible use instances like this that will ideally see individual, wearable modern technology take off in the future, with the perks of not needing to keep taking out a mobile phone something that lots of people can not deny.

All we require now is for the Glasshole stigma to perish down and for the systems themselves to end up being much more economical.




If you do very own Glass, then you can directly over to MyGlass to install the applications today, along with favorites like Google Now and Word Lens, both of which can possibly be extremely useful when taking a trip abroad.

Those that do not yet own Glass and reside in the Usa can head on over to to figure out much more regarding participating the activity. Merely make certain you have actually acquired that credit card useful.

Update: A fourth app has actually additionally made its way onto Glass, which is called OVGuide, and is not take a trip related like the ones mentioned above, however it provides individuals the capability to discuss video clips, trailers and so on to their Glass timeline. If video clip is your point, then you should definitely check it out.

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