There’s a moment when every excellent item makes the leap from the geek world to the traditional world. A time in record where it goes from being something that just those that live and breath innovation find out about to genuinely living in the awareness of the average guy walking down the road. Today, Google Glass makes that leap after being parodied on America’s longest-running computer animated show, The Simpsons.

Glass on The Simpsons

Understood for taking pop culture and having a tongue-in-cheek swipe at it with a large Homer-like hand, The Simpsons has now taken Google Glass and positioned in directly in its views, with every person’s preferred yellow, baldheaded and somewhat over weight cartoon personality donning something rather Glass-like for an installment qualified “”Specifications and the City.” “In normal Homer fashion however, points do not go just what you would certainly call ‘‘ swimmingly’ for the hapless oaf, specifically after discovering that The Simpsons house is worth significantly much less than that of their next-door neighbors. It goes downhill from there.

This isn’t the first time that The Simpsons’ writers have taken a dig at popular innovation fads. Apple particularly has been the butt of numerous jokes on the show for many years, and Google is likewise familiar with finding itself in the middle of a story. This tackle Glass will definitely be the first time numerous viewers of The Simpsons have actually ever before encountered Google’s wearable technology though, and it certainly does not make a good impression. While not explicitly a duplicate of Google’s Glass, it’s clear that it’s the search giant’s specifications that The Simpsons based Homer’s new eyewear on. Hell, they also appear like Glass thanks to that strong bar across the top of the lenses.

Google is currently functioning to making Glass something that every person can get, slowly opening its as soon as quite selective buying procedure to friends of those already wearing the specs. The Explorer program has actually seen Google+ specifically ended up being the home of a big lot of Glass-taken photos, a sure indicator that usage has actually ramped up worldwide. An excessive price-tag aside, an appearance on The Simpsons, despite just how parodic, can just assist raise awareness of the wearable technology that we’re all hoping will change our lives over the next decade.



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