We want to believe that the majority of individuals which make use of Google’s support services are fully mindful that the modern technology titan is monitoring their every technique. Actually. However it’s clear that the wonderful unwashed masses have no suggestion that their Android phones are tracking their location as they tackle their business and, if you have Google Now mounted on an iPhone, that’s most likely doing the same too.

Google Location History main

Now we’re not also worried concerning that ourselves, partially because we do not like tinfoil hats or have some type of fixation with the idea of personal privacy, however usually given that we recognize that Google needs our place in order to offer some of the incredibly cool functions that we commonly take for given. We’re looking squarely at several of the Google Now magic that goes on, but it runs deeper compared to that.

Certainly, if you do would like to eliminate whatever location information Google already has its mitts on as well as protecting against a lot more information being accumulated, then doing this is a lot easier than you may picture, given the information’s relevance to a company that isn’t really exactly recognized for making points simple.

You look at what’s already been collected by going to this Google Assistance article (for Android, iOS) as well as clicking the link that takes you to your location history.

You’ll be greeted by an elaborate chart of your activities also, which while may be a little bit creepy to some, we found instead fascinating. Your whole location-based record can be downloaded must that tickle your fancy, but you’re most likely to intend to really quit this information from being collected to begin with, as well as the ideal location to do that is on your Android tool.

Depending on exactly what phone you have, you’re visiting intend to going into Settings and afterwards Location. Next up, you really want Google Place Reporting.

Here you’ll have two alternatives. One will certainly permit you turn place stating off, and also the various other will allow you clean whatever information Google currently carries you. Simply bear in mind that by transforming this things off, you may be damaging something you really rely on.

Location Reporting

The globe’s never ever black as well as white folks. Occasionally you need to offer a little info to obtain an entire lot of (FREE!) capability.

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