With Google’s I/O conference readied to get underway on Wednesday, Bloomberg Businessweek earlier today left up an appealing and sweeping profile of Sundar Pichai, the man Larry Web page touched to run Android complying with the departure of Andy Rubin.

tim cook calls android a toxic hellstew of vulnerabilities

A remarkably gifted designer relatively cherished by many, Pichai isn’t really scared to talk his thoughts, also if it means throwing a little bit of appreciation to Apple.

When asked to comment on Apple CEO Tim Chef’s WWDC comments concerning Android being a “toxic hellstew” (a phrase Chef referenced from a ZDNet article) as it pertains to malware and fragmentation, Pichai shares just what nearly seems a little envy in the direction of Apple’s attempted and true business method of vertical integration.

It has to be liberating [for Apple] to awaken and think of your gadget, your software program, and hi, ‘I can even call the chipset men and state exactly what the chip needs to be,'” he states. “I need to consider constructing a platform and introducing as many individuals along on this journey and getting it right. I think that inevitably it’s a more powerful technique, but it’s a lot more stressful too.”

In a separate job interview, Pichai took some additional time to deal with the issue of malware, apparently comparing iOS to a Mercedes Benz at the same time.

You have to make sure when you make a $ 100,000 Mercedes auto not to look at the remainder of vehicle market and make discuss it. … We offer the whole breadth of the marketplace, globally throughout all form factors, and so on. Android from the ground up is designed to be extremely, extremely protected. … Past programs usually that malware is likewise targeted at the even more preferred os. So you recognize there is that.

Do we take security seriously? Yes. [In the Google Play app store,] we find malware. If you are mounting an app, we ask individual’s consent. If they claim “of course,” we scan it. Even if you are scanning anything away from the Play store, we still discover and notify you if its malware. Every single time I check out the data-across millions and countless users’ phones-the information is encouraging.

While Pichai is absolutely correct in specifying that malware is typically created to target the more preferred operating systems, offered security data still raises a number of red flags concerning Android’s security as a platform as compared to iOS. As a fast instance, remember a 2012 memo from the US Division of Homeland Security and the United States Department of Justice which showed that simply.7 % of malware risks targeted iOS. At the same time, the memo located that 79 % of mobile malware intimidated Android.

A lot more just recently, a June 2013 report from Juniper Networks discovered that 92 % of mobile malware was made to target Android.

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