Government claims the technique used-to access the San iPhone may not be revealed to Apple by it

As the FBI has effectively utilized the information about the iPhone 5c within the San Bernardino shootings, and the courtroom fight has ended for the time being, the federal government claims that it might not accede to Apple’s need to become informed the technique utilized.

The Whitehouse stated in 2014 the government might think about the professionals and negatives of revealing weaknesses found by its numerous police force agencies. ArsTechnica requested if the FBI might expose the technique utilized in this situation, and was informed that it wasn’t stating one of the ways or even the additional …

“we can not discuss the chance of potential reports to Apple,” regulations enforcement official stated in reaction to a problem from Ars.

Nevertheless, provided a CNN statement the technique used was particular towards the iPhone 5c, which lacks the Safe Enclave of later iPhones, it appears likely the NAND reflecting method explained by E Snowden was utilized.

With this specific strategy, the effaceable storage is ripped, five efforts designed to access the device and then your unique information created back again to the NAND storage to reset the counter. Israel cellular forensics company Cellebrite was considered the organization undertaking the job for that FBI.

Picture: iFixit iPhone 5c teardown

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