I’m utilized to seeing iPhone cases made from some lovely unique materials and a big fan of the timber cases produced by Portland, Oregon-based Grove. Now that innovative situation producer has coordinated with a local chocolatier– Woodblock Delicious chocolate– to make a yummy and protective surprise for the iPhone 5/5s or 5c. It’s an absolutely nutritious delicious chocolate iPhone instance, in the nick of time for Valentine’s Day.

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Grove and Woodblock Delicious chocolate’s Charley and Jessica Wheelock spent six months dealing with an unique delicious chocolate with more focused tastes and a high melting temperature– my hunch is that the chocolatiers didn’t desire the tasty confection to thaw on your hands or face while using your iPhone. By eliminating emulsifiers like soy lecithin, the chocolate was enhanced for Grove’s CNC devices.

According to Grove, the situations “are precision-milled from the solid blocks of dark chocolate. The fully operating instance is developed for a slim and smooth look, and carefully crafted to permit accessibility to all adapters and ports. The situation is then hand completed for a velvety, smooth touch.”

Sadly, you won’t be able to obtain your hands on among the situations for protection consumption. Grove co-founder Ken Tomita says that “They’re except sale, primarily due to the fact that we can’t keep making them without gunking up our equipments, yet don’t worry, all the produce waste is being reused in our tummies.”

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