The game designers at Halfbrick have made a large brochure of enjoyable, wacky iOS games over the last 4 years that cover a wide array of categories and tastes.

You desire to kill surges of zombies in adorable style? Age of Zombies is right there for you. Fantasize about ruining fruit like a fighting styles master? Fruit Ninja turns your fingers into falchions.

Perhaps you’re a casual player which just would like to help hopping fish battle versus an ever-changing climate? Fish Out of Water! is prepared to fill up that demand. And now, for a minimal time, you could fill up those necessities for free.

Normally Halfbrick’s video game’s are $ 0.99, meaning you ‘d require $ 10 to attempt them all, but also for a restricted time the company is providing away all their titles totally free. Age of Zombies, Band Stars, Birzzle High temperature, Colossatron: Large Globe Hazard, Fish Out of Water!, Fruit Ninja (also HD), Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots, Jetpack Drive, and Monster Dashboard. You could download the entire collection below.

While the offer is merely temporary, it would make good sense for Halfbrick to make this their standard rates. Each title includes in-app acquisitions for new weapons, clothing, and incentives; purchases that make sense once you’ve found yourself addicted to a title. Thankfully each of these video games is a blast to play even if you never ever set any kind of added coin to acquire power ups, so going to the App Store and download these titles just before you need to pay for them.

Below’s a video clip Halfbrick released to market the sale. This offer is just for iOS, yet possibly if your friends which use Android ask well, you’ll let them play on your iPhone.

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