When Apple first introduced folders in iOS method back with the iOS 4 launch, it was mostly laughed at by Android followers for being flimsy and scarcely useful. They had excellent need to do that, too; Android has had a much functional, and also beneficial, folder organization technology considering that time immemorial, whereas iOS’ preliminary attempts were sub standard and half-baked at ideal. Actually, there were so numerous lacking littles and items, as well as glitches, that people of them finished up serving a purpose that wasn’t initially meant; the ability to nest folders within folders. It appears that the very same problem has brought over completely to iOS 8 also, and utilizing the exact same strategy (which we’ll describe moving forward for the inexperienced), you could nest folders within folders even in iOS 8 and iOS 8.0.2.

In the past, everything began when a bunch of iPhone and also iPad users located the Newsstand to be additional of a nuisance on their device’s home screen as opposed to of being actual use. There was no method of removing this annoyance, either, because it was among the native applications that Apple doesn’t permit you to get rid of. Nevertheless, since the Kiosk was additional of a folder compared to being a real app icon, it wasn’t possible to put it into another folder, either. That was the point where some smart users uncovered that if you try to place a folder within another one while the various other one was being developed, it actually functioned. Confused? Allow us dumb it down for you a little.

Nested Folders iOS 8

Step 1: Press as well as hold any app icon on your iPhone or iPad running iOS 8 to go into the shake method, where all the symbols start shaking as well as enable walking around.

Step 2: Drag and also go down an app icon over an additional to produce a folder, as you usually would.

Step 3: Whilst the folder is being created (don’t release right now), utilize one more finger to drop your wanted folder into the folder being created.

With excellent timing and also good luck, you must be able to put the target folder inside the freshly developed folder with ease. Once the folder is nested, you can rename the moms and dad folder as you usually would, and also especially get any kind of undesirable apps. Taking a nested folder out of the parent one is as straightforward as dragging it out in the shake method.

As we noted previously too, this isn’t a function in iOS; it’s more of a problem that works in users’ support. Still better is that it works without jailbreaking, so you’re good to go there.

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