Few weeks back Om Malik – founder of GigaOM network shared a nice story of how he left his iPad with his mother in India. He talks about how “she had this look of amazement, one of pure unadulterated joy as she chatted with her grandson.” 

We’re sure many of you have gifted it to your parents as well. If you haven’t already then we would highly recommend it.

But as you will see from the video below, you may want to explain what it can do before you gift one to your parents.

The viral video (from a comedy show) is in German but you should be able to follow it, if not check out the translation below (courtesy Uwe – AllThingsD reader).

Note: You won’t be able to watch this on an iOS device as it needs Flash. We’ll update the post if we can find the non-Flash version of the video.

– Hey dad, how are you getting along with your iPad we had given you last Christmas?

– Oh great!

– With all the apps and so on..

– What apps? Could you please step aside…

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